How to Make Stencil Wall Art

By Alice Marini. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make Stencil Wall Art

Stencil wall art is more popular than ever. Decorating patterns on walls, doors, textiles, children rooms and bedrooms look amazing and immediately give any house a distinctive and unique look. However, for many people, decorating patterns such as wallpaper or ready made textiles can be expensive. Stencil wall paint is certainly the best alternative to wallpaper. It is quite easy to make a wall art stencil at home, and it is fun as well, but you need to know how to create stencil wall art. So why would you buy something when you can make diy wall art easily and cheaply?

You just need to know a few tricks and you will create amazing stencil wall art. OneHowTo will help you learn how to make stencil wall art.

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Steps to follow:

Choose a stencil design: stencil wall art ideas

The first thing to do to make stencil wall art is choosing a stencil design. When you choose your stencil design there are several factors you should take into account. One of them is certainly the size of your stencil wall art. Some patterns work best with small sizes, while others look amazing when they are huge. Are you looking for a single stencil design or you want to repeat your stencil wall art several times, in a series of patterns? The size of your stencil design will depend greatly on that.

Another thing to take into consideration is how good you are with diy stuff. You will need to retrace and cut your pattern, so if it is the first time you make stencil wall art, you might want to choose a simple, not too small pattern.

Colors: will you use lots of different colors? if yes, it is best to choose a stencil design that can be divided into sections according to the stencil's colors, to avoid color overlap.

Stencil wall art ideas: if it is stencil wall art for nursery that you want to create, you could choose a stencil design from the animal world, a tree, or a cartoon character. If you are looking for stencil wall art for kitchen, a kitchen utensil or a stencil wall art quote are good. As for wall art for bedroom or a hallway, an abstract or intricate pattern to be repeated in a series like a stencil wall paper works well. In general, stencil letters with an original stencil font, as well as stencil wall art quotes, are trendy stencil art ideas, especially if your house is decorated with an industrial style. How to make stencil letters is the same as any other stencil, below we will explain how to make stencil wall art, including stencil letters.

Another important factor to take into consideration is if the stencil design is all connected or if it is made of different elements. If it is the first time you make stencil wall art, we recommend a connected stencil design.

How to Make Stencil Wall Art - Step 1

Printing the wall art stencil

Now you've got your stencil wall art design. The next step to make stencil wall art is to print out the stencil design. If you are making a huge wall art stencil, you might need to go a printer shop. Print out your stencil design in the actual size you want it to be.

Tips: you can print out your stencil design in different sizes and then try them on the surface you will paint to see which size works best.

If you are painting a whole wall with a pattern, like a sort of stencil wall paper, you should measure the wall first to make sure that the patterns fit well in the space.


Retracing the wall art stencil

This is one of the hardest steps in making stencil wall art, so you need to know exactly how to make wall stencil designs, and work slowly and precisely.

Material: you have different options regrading the material to be used to retrace the stencil design:

  • transparent plastic such as plastic folders
  • lamination sheet: just go to the print shop and ask them to print out a plain lamination sheet for you
  • this third option only works with some stencils. If your stencil is not too big for the lamination machines, and you do not need a see-through stencil, you might skip retracing altogether and print out your stencil design on a lamination sheet at the printer shop

With either of the first two steps, you will need to make your transparent sheet the exact same size as your stencil sheet, so you might need to piece the transparent sheets together with packing tape.

Now, put the transparent material on top of your stencil design and make them stick together with some painter's tape.

Here is a hard part of how to make stencil wall art: you need to retrace the stencil design with a marker. Your stencil design is underneath your transparent material. Retrace your wall art stencil very slowly and precisely.

Tip: work on a surface you can damage, especially for the next step. A wooden layer is the best.

How to Make Stencil Wall Art - Step 3

Cutting out the stencil

This is really the hardest step of making stencil wall art. You need to cut out the stencil by retracing the stencil pattern of your transparent paper with either a box cutter or an exacto knife, depending on the kind of lines your stencil design has. If it has straight geometrical lines, a box cutter works best, while an exacto knife is good for curvy parts. You can make the cutting out more precise by using a ruler for straight lines.

As we had explained earlier, you should make different stencils if the stencil design has different colors, one stencil for each color section. It will be easier not to make a mess this way.

Now you have made your wall stencil at home!

How to Make Stencil Wall Art - Step 4

Make stencil wall paint!

It is now time to paint, the final step of our how to make stencil wall art guide before you know how your wall art décor looks like! So that the stencil adheres to the wall or the surface you want to decorate, spray the back of your stencil with a spray glue. You will need to spray the stencil every time you use it as that kind of glue dries up quickly. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive tape at the edges of the stencil. It is a good idea to use a level stick to make sure that your stencil wall art is centred.

Now, how to paint stencil wall art? There are some specific stencil brushes and stencil paints you can buy, and we highly recommend buying them. Remember to use a little quantity of paint for your stencil wall art as otherwise it might bleed. Do not touch your stencil wall art for 24 hours. Isn't it fun to make a diy wall art?

Tip: we recommend you practice on a cardboard before you paint the actual wall.

For the all process, you shouldn't spend more than 20 dollars, considering the prices of commercial stencils, this really is cheap wall art!

Now that you know how to make stencil wall art you can let us know how your projects went!

How to Make Stencil Wall Art - Step 5

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How to Make Stencil Wall Art
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How to Make Stencil Wall Art

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