How to Paint a Master Bedroom

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Paint a Master Bedroom

The bedroom is a room where you can relax, rest and recover from your daily routine. Although it's all a matter of taste, if you paint the master bedroom, you'll want the end result to bring you serenity and pleasure. Next, at we'll explain how to paint a master bedroom, step by step.

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Steps to follow:

The recommended colors to paint a master bedroom are neutral or pastel palettes, as these are soft and soothing colors, that will help you relax when you most need it. The color of the walls will have a great influence, so we recommend that you consult our article on how to choose paint colors for your house.

How to Paint a Master Bedroom - Step 1

If you want to go for something a bit different, try painting the room in two colors. Some color combinations to consider for a master bedroom are grey with pink, purple or blue. Also, peach, ocher and earthy tones always look good in the bedroom.


A popular color in a room where you'd like to relax is undoubtedly green, and it also goes very well with grey, ocher and classic white.

How to Paint a Master Bedroom - Step 3

Certain colors help balance the room, both the shape and the size. E.g. dark paint colors tend to give the feeling of drawing the room inward and making it smaller, while lighter colors create a sense of space.


If your taste is modern and somewhat youthful, we encourage you to go for something brighter, either by itself or combine it with a cool color, while a warm color creates a more balanced environment.


Opt for lighter toned furniture with simple lines and for a contrast, add some decorative accessories (lamps, cushions, etc.) in the same shade as the wall paint.

If you want to add a bit of fun on your walls, you cal also decorate your master bedroom walls.

How to Paint a Master Bedroom - Step 6

Black or purple are very strong colours so if you're going to use them in your master bedroom, (recommended only for those who are daring and knowledgeable about design), choose a matte finish and contrast it with a very soft tone such as ivory or off-white.


Better yet, switch the colors and use only black details or create a decorative effect with paint on the wall and leave the white or ivory as the main color. You can also do some stencil wall art on the wall in black.

How to Paint a Master Bedroom - Step 8

If you have a very high ceilinged room, paint it with one colour and leave the walls a lighter colour. If however, they're too light, switch it to help balance the space visually.


If you still haven't decided you can read our article on how to choose a paint color for your bedroom where you'll find tips and specifications on size, light and furniture. If you're a Feng Shui fan, you can paint your house according to Feng Shui.

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  • Be sure to repair flaws, and clean and dust before painting.
  • Protect the floor with newspapers. Allow the paint to dry properly (about 4 hrs between each coat of paint).
  • Paint from the top down and then sideways.

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How to Paint a Master Bedroom
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How to Paint a Master Bedroom

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