How to Paint an Adolescent's Room

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 14, 2017
How to Paint an Adolescent's Room

Upon entering adolescence we want to let go of anything that looks childish. It is a time when we are somewhere between being children and adults, and this has much to do with our view of reality. Therefore, it is likely that you or your children will want to change their room, to give a more youthful and carefree style and move away from the nursery like décor. In the following oneHOWTO article we give some tips on how to paint an adolescent's room. Follow your taste and indulge yourself in your youthful spirit. Renew your bedroom and personalize it to make it a shelter made for you, a personal space.

Adolescent's room for girls

For your daughter or for yourself, you feel comfortable in a room which is youthful in character and so you have to encapsulate your tastes through painting and decorating. This is very important because the aim is that your bedroom will become a nice personal space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Girly girls: for girls who like to exploit their more feminine and romantic side, we recommend the colour pink, fuchsia or lavender. Paint the walls in pink hues and combine it with white furniture for the perfect mix for a totally feminine room. You can also add colourful bedding or notes of brightness so you feel even more comfortable in your bedroom.
  • Classic girls: for all those lovers of vintage or for those who like to go unnoticed, it is best to choose neutral and soft colours. Pale pink, light green or white and beige colours are perfect for a relaxing room for an adolescent. Adding some floral wallpaper will also give a romantic note to the room.
  • Modern and daring girls: if you have a strong character and like to experiment, try to give a cosmopolitan touch to your bedroom. Betting on reds or glamorous bright colors (gold, silver...). You can also opt for wallpaper on one wall with retro notes and bold colors. Let your imagination go wild!
How to Paint an Adolescent's Room - Adolescent's room for girls

Adolescent's room for boys

Although they like to come across as basic and simplistic all boys like to have their personal space to taste, to feel better in their shelter. However, boys are likely to go for minimalist furniture with simple shelves and straight lines. They do not need so many colours and ornate spaces to feel it is theirs.

While for others it may seem cold, a boy will like having green, blue or black walls. They are more intense and also darker, but if someone wants to give notes of colour and brightness, it is best to go for red or orange. You can combine it with white furniture or coloured furniture, depending on the type of wall you have selected.

How to Paint an Adolescent's Room - Adolescent's room for boys

Adolescent's room; key points

If you are the mother or father of these young rebels, you should consider some aspects of bedroom renewal so the experience does not become a family catharsis. First, you must understand that the space is theirs and where they are likely to spend most of their time whilst at home, so you must accept your taste and let him or her choose how they want their new room. A great idea to let their imagination run wild and make their room truly theirs is to have a chalkboard paint wall they can use to draw, write or schedule their extra-curricular activities. They'll love it.

Let them take part in the colour selection of the wall or in the choice of furniture. And, secondly, you must understand that they are at a time when their spirit is free, so probably downplay aspects such combination and order.

At oneHOWTO, we also give you some orignal ideas on how to paint a master bedroom. Do not miss it!

How to Paint an Adolescent's Room - Adolescent's room; key points

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How to Paint an Adolescent's Room
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How to Paint an Adolescent's Room

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