How To Paint Walls In Two Different Colors

How To Paint Walls In Two Different Colors

This is the definitive article for learning how to paint a bedroom, dining room and kitchen in two colors step by step. If you follow the steps indicated here, you'll see that your paint looks great, seemingly done by a professional. Before you begin, you must keep in mind that painting the wall is only 10% of the work, the other 90% is preparing the wall, and then saving the material and cleaning. So be patient and follow the step by step indicated below.

Steps to follow:

The first thing to do is wear clothes that can get dirty because if you get paint on them then it won't be the end of the world.


Once you are properly equipped, you must start preparing the walls. First pass a paper towel over the wall to avoid any drops of moisture. First paint the wall with the main color. Do not worry if you are do not do it well, when we paint the second color we'll fix it.


After leaving it to dry, sand it lightly with sandpaper. The wall being free of all dust, what I do when I'm painting with 2 colors (2 tones) is to paint the corner with the first color a little more to ensure it's well painted. You can see in the image above.


To start painting the wall with the second color, submerge the brush tip and run just one side of the bristles against the rim of the paint bucket to remove excess paint.


Place the side of the paint brush over the area painted with the color of the other wall and paint upside down. Do not worry if you get too close to the painted wall.


In the second layer of the area, you must take a firmer brush and go nearer the corner. You'll see how the paint is being well distributed throughout the area. If you go over it, you can take a rag and remove the paint. Do it fast before the paint dries.


If you see that you are dripping when painting, it means that you have put too much paint on the brush. Next time do not submerge the brush so much in the paint.


Do this around the walls that you are painting. It is very important that you put your body in the best position to paint parallel to the floor or another wall straight. Do not be lazy, you might have to stretch out on the floor.


After painting all the edges, you will use a paint roller to do the central wall. The roller, if it is not new, must be very clean. Also, be careful not to go too far in the first load. Do not use a roller which is too large and for high areas you can use a ladder or an extender.


And there you have it! But remember that there are still important steps. The first layer is already done. Let it dry and repeat if necessary until the wall has a homogeneous appearance. Sometimes 2-3 layers are needed.


To keep the brushes, you can do this in two ways: thoroughly clean the roller and brushes or, as you can see in the picture, you can put paint on the brush and a white plastic wrapping. If you're going to paint the next day in the same color, this is a good trick.

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