How to plant a lemon tree

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to plant a lemon tree

Lemon trees are one of the most popular trees that can be found in gardens in warmer climates as it is a plant that can grow up to 7 meters, providing excellent shade while letting us enjoy a precious fruit: lemons. If you're planning to plant one but do not know where to start, at we explain how to plant a lemon tree, under what conditions this should happen and what is the right time to do so.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you must consider is the climate of the area where you live. If you are in a place where winters are very cold, the lemon tree is not a suitable plant for your area as the maximum cold that it an tolerate is 3ºC as it is a plant suitable for warm to temperate climates. The ideal temperature for the lemon tree is between 17ºC and 28ºC.


It is also important to choose well the place where you are going to plant the lemon tree and take into account the soil type you will use. The lemon tree needs direct sunlight, so the space where you place the plant has to be well lit during the day.

The soil should always be semi-light, PH neutral and permeable, because it requires good drainage.


An easy way to plant a lemon tree is through the seeds that are in lemons. Take the seeds and wash them well, eliminating the waste from the fruit. You can plant your lemon tree in a pot, but when larger it will need transplanting, or do it directly in the ground in a marked garden space.


Choosing a spot with the conditions mentioned in step 2, open a small hole just 1.50 inches deep. Place the seeds of the lemon and cover well with earth.

Then you can place peat (turf) to protect the area. You should keep the soil around the lemon tree moist, preventing it from drying out, it is a plant that requires water. After a month or month and a half you will begin to see the first leaves, is very important you keep watering the plant as often as necessary so that your soil is always moist.


Remember that the lemon tree is a plant that needs plenty of water and sun. It is also timely to fertilise it during the spring, summer and fall. Spring is the ideal time to prune it.

If well kept this plant can reach 7 meters in hight, giving us its delicious and versatile fruit and providing our garden with some wonderful shade.

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Tim Rogers
How far apart should lemon tress be spaced when planted?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Tim,

If you are expecting them to grow full size, you will need anywhere between 12 and 25 feet between each tree.
How to plant a lemon tree
How to plant a lemon tree

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