How to Plant Lavender

How to Plant Lavender

Lavender is an aromatic plant predominate in the Mediterranean area. It is very durable and fits any land with direct sunlight, and can be planted in both pots and directly in the ground. Its uses are many and varied, although it is a plant known for its odour which its violet or blue flowers releases and which are often dried and used to scent closets, drawers or the house in general. It is a plant that does not need special care, so you can also have it at home thanks to this oneHOWTO article on how to plant lavender.

Steps to follow:

You can plant lavender from seeds, which are planted in the fall in areas of mild climate and early spring in colder areas. Still, we recommend using cuttings to multiply plants.


Use lavender stems about 10 cm long for use as cuttings


You can plant lavender sprouts directly in the soil or in pots or planters.


If you opt for the pots, you must install a good drainage system to prevent standing water.


Once done, fill with substratum for plants and put the lavender cuttings in the pot or planter.


Put lavender in an area with direct sunlight because it grows best if it has plenty of light.


If you opt for planting it directly in the ground, lavender prefers calcareous soils rather than those which are sandy and dry.


After planting, you should water the lavender cuttings to root them well.


Still, lavender is a shrub that does not need too much water, so don't over water it as it can rot.


The time of flowering of lavender can vary slightly depending on the species, but it will be between spring and summer


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