How to plant mint

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 15, 2019
How to plant mint

Mint is one of the most known herbs and is used both for cooking, and in Natural Remedies as well as having many other uses. It is a plant that can be planted at any time of year, making it ideal to have in home. It requires little care and also repels ants, aphids and some other of the most common plant pests. If you also want to enjoy this plant in its splendour and freshness, do not hesitate and find out with this OneHowTo article how to plant mint.

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Steps to follow:


The easiest and fastest way to plant mint is from cuttings of another plant, but you can also plant it from mint seeds, in warm climates sow in late summer and early autumn, and in colder climates in the spring.


Mint is a plant that develops horizontally, so it is recommended to plant it in a wide pot, about 20 inches deep, enabling it to grow. If planting directly into soil of your garden, it is advisable to grow it separately so it does not take over the plants on its side.


Plant it in a pot with a good drainage system to prevent standing water.


Next, fill the substratum plant pot, preferably lightweight and relatively rich in nutrients, with the mint cuttings.


Although mint can be in the sun, its prefers places without too much sun exposure, and adapts well to cultivation in shade or semi-shade. Put the pot in a place that receives sunlight but in moderation.


This plant prefers moist soils, so will need regular and abundant irrigation, especially in times of growing in the spring and summer.


The time of flowering coincides with the arrival of summer, you can then harvest the mint as and when you need it.


You can use mint for numerous uses,for example to make tea or to treat acidity. Find out all the wonders of mint in our article what are the health benefits of mint.

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How to plant mint