How to plant onions

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to plant onions

The farming of onions has been going on for centuries. Each area has its own kind, which is dependent on the conditions of the place in which they are panted, but all must meet a number of requirements for a good crop of onions. Today it is possible to plant these at home thanks to the development of urban vegetable patches, and thus enjoy their natural benefits directly. At OneHowTo.com we explain how to plant onions.

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Steps to follow:


Onions require rich soils in which to be planted and grow. Optimal soils are slightly sandy with no clay, as otherwise the onions will not develop and flourish.


When being sowed, onions need very little water. Just before forming bulbs is when more water if required, after that practically none. Keep in mind that it is very vulnerable to excessive moisture and extreme changes in temperature, this may cause cracking of the bulbs.


It is preferable to plant bulbs than seeds as they grow better and have more force. The best time to plant onions is in the spring, in holes of about 15 centimetres deep which should then be well covered with soil.


It is always advisable to leave them under full sun. That is most recommended for onions and what suits them best to have them grow properly.


There comes a time when the vertices of the onions turn yellow. At this very moment it is advisable you twist them and break their necks. These should stay right there, staying in contact with the ground. It will be at this time that the onion will start maturation.


At this point we must also lift the onion bulbs and wait for them to dry. All this should be done slowly, so to not dig it all up before they becoming completely dry. That is when they should be left to stand in the sun for two weeks.


Once the onions are thoroughly dry, you should store them somewhere cool but not too cold. This will help them in their conservation. At OneHowTo, we love growing healthy crops. Leart

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  • Try not to submit the crop to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Remove all weeds that grow around them.
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How to plant onions