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How to Plant Parsley at Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 25, 2022
How to Plant Parsley at Home

Parsley is an aromatic herb widely used in the kitchen and although it is easy to find in grocery stores, what's better than growing it yourself and always having it at home? Home-grown parsley always seems to have more flavour than shop-bought parsley, because you can cut it right at the moment it's needed, and it will not spoil in the fridge. With a flower pot, some soil, some seeds, frequent watering and a good dose of sun, parsley grows quickly and easily. So that you can enjoy home-grown parsley too, will show you how to plant parsley at home.

You'll need:

  • Parsley seeds
  • Soil
  • Plant pot or planter
  • Water
  • Sunlight
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Steps to follow:


The first step to plant parsley at home is to find a bright place where the sun shines for between 4 and 6 hours a day. For example, a balcony or terrace would be a good choice or, if you are going to grow it indoors, find a very bright place.

How to Plant Parsley at Home - Step 1

Fill a flower pot or planter with special potting soil and sow the parsley seeds. You can plant it at any time of year, but should avoid excessively cold or hot days.


The germination of parsley is very slow, so do not be surprised if it seems as though nothing grows in your window box or flower pot, it can take up to nearly a month for parsley seedlings to appear.


You must water the parsley pot or planter frequently, but pay attention not to over water it as this can create rot or fungi. This is why frequent irrigation in small quantities works best.


To achieve a compact and yielding shrub do not let the flowers grow; you have to pull them out when they start to appear. Or you can prepare another pot with soil and when the first flower buds, let the seeds drop onto the soil and parsley will grow the following year in the second pot.


Harvesting the parsley, in winter you should wait until the crops have been growing for about three months and in the summer, approximately two months. Although we can cut the stems of parsley we need throughout the day, it is advisable to collect it in the morning before the plant begins to feel the effects of heat.


To harvest your parsley, if you've planted in winter you'll have to wait for 3 months, whereas in summer you'll have to wait for 2 months approximately. Though we can cut off the parsley we need during the whole day, it's recommended to do so in the morning, before the plant starts to feel the effect of the heat.


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  • Before using parsley for cooking, you should wash it thoroughly.
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How to Plant Parsley at Home