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How to plant sweet corn at home

How to plant sweet corn at home

Planting sweet corn can be a very beneficial activity as it will give you a food rich in nutrients. By growing your sweet corn naturally, you can benefit from all the vitamins and minerals that sweet corn contains, in addition to learning about its seed, all an experience in itself. At OneHowTo we show you how to plant sweet corn step by step.

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Steps to follow:

It is best to use seeds of the 'su' or 'se' sweetcorn varieties so that when you harvest your crops, you can eat them and serve with your meals. Find out about the different types of sweet corn and plant the most convenient one.


Remember that sweetcorn needs plenty of sunshine, so it is recommended to plant it between May and June. A long as it's hot, your crop won't need any sun protection, but if the earth gets too cold, the corn will rot. They need plenty of constant sunshine to grow.


The land you use for planting sweetcorn should be very fertile and dry. About 4 weeks before planting, add fertilizer to the soil.


Sweet corn is wind-pollinated, so it is better to plant it in blocks rather than in a row. This will help pollen germination. Plant the seeds about 1-2 inches down from the ground surface and plant 2-3 seeds in each hole.


While the earth needs to be stay as dry as possible, you have to water the plants at least once a week. It is recommended to install a ground-level irrigation system because if watered from above, it could remove the plant's pollen.


By July, i.e. approximately 3 months after planting, the sweet corn should have grown to a considerable height of 12-18 inches. Once it develops a dry tassel, then your sweet corn will have finished growing.


When you see firm kernels, pierce them and if they produce a milky liquid, the corn is ready to be picked. It is recommended to eat them after harvesting, so remember it is better to plant a lot.

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  • Try make sure that your crop doesn't experience sudden temperature changes.
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How to plant sweet corn at home
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How to plant sweet corn at home