How To Position A Bed In A Room To Sleep Well

How To Position A Bed In A Room To Sleep Well

You can balance the energies of the home through the location of its components and, to promote ideal rest, it is important to pay attention to the orientation of the bed. If you want to enjoy your sleep more and feel energized the next day, do not miss this OneHowTo article on how to position a bed in a room to sleep well.

Steps to follow:

The first thing to know about how to position a bed in a room to sleep well is that there are two very important elements that can positively or negatively interfere with your rest in the room: the door and window, as they represent two ways for energy to escape.


For your rest to be optimal and to avoid problems with insomnia, the idea is to place the bed as far as possible from the door and the window. The farther your bed is from the door and the window, the greater the energy balance in the room.


When positioning a bed to sleep well, the orientation of your head is also important. Ideally, when you are resting you should always be able to see the entrance to the bedroom, that is, you should never turn your back on the door as this lessens the control you have over your space.


Ideally, the bed should be up against a wall. To achieve this it is necessary for there to be a wall behind the head of your bed to provide tranquility during sleep and ensure there is nothing behind you.


Besides the position of the bed, it is recommended that the bed you use always has a headboard and has no compartments or drawers on the bottom. This enables an ideal balance and avoids bad energies from accumulating beneath you. Also, under your bed you should not keep any bags, boxes or shoes.


Like the bed, the design and the mattress are very important. The mattress and the headboard should not have any element showing separation, such as vertical lines that divide the bed into two or images that may interfere in the rest area.


This positioning of the bed is highly related to the art of Feng Shui, which regulates energy in rooms around the house to ensure good balance in your home.

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