How to prevent and avoid moths in the closet naturally

How to prevent and avoid moths in the closet naturally

Were you getting dressed and suddenly you noticed that your jersey has a hole? No doubt the culprit is a moth, your wardrobe's worst enemy. The larvae of these small insects damage fabrics and spoil your clothes making, as they say, the prevention a better remedy than the cure. So before you find unpleasant surprises, carry out some small actions that we will now explain in OneHowTo that will help you prevent moths.

Steps to follow:

To prevent the occurrence of clothes moths, it will be necessary to maintain clean wardrobes. So it will be necessary that every so often you clean the inside of your closet with a damp cloth; you can do this, for example, when changing your seasonal clothing from winter to summer and vice versa.


Also, moths usually have a predilection for stained or soiled items. so you should never keep unwashed clothes in your wardrobe. You should pay particular attention to warm clothing that can not go in the washing machine, so to avoid moths you should take these to the dry cleaners before storing them your closet.


Excess moisture is also a source of attraction for these insects which eat clothes, so to prevent moths you have to reduce moisture levels in the wardrobe. There are products that absorb moisture that you can place in wardrobes and drawers, as well as dehumidifiers that will serve to remove moisture from rooms as well as other tips that you can see in this article on how to avoid moisture with salt or how to make a homemade dehumidifier.


If you detect that any of your clothes have been attacked by moths, you must get rid of that garment, no matter how much you like it, to ensure the larvae of this insect do not go to other pieces of clothing.


Likewise, there are natural remedies which may serve to deter moths with homemade solutions, such as the skins of citrus fruits, lavender or cloves; you can see here 5 Tricks to remove clothes moths.

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