How To Prevent Home Theft

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Prevent Home Theft

Our home is the place where we feel safe, where we rest and share with our family without external threats. But when it is assaulted, insecurity and vulnerability take hold of us and we feel that our privacy has been violated. But this complex scenario can be avoided through prevention, taking some useful steps that will help prevent foreign friends coming in to our home. In we explain how to prevent home theft.

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Improve safety

In many houses it is easy to get in to steal because they lack the basic security measures. It is normally older facilities that have not been improved by their owners, becoming easy prey for thieves. So, to prevent home theft you should do the following:

  • To install adequate solid doors, optimized locks to prevent easy access to housing. It is essential to get used to locking the door when we enter and leave home.
  • The doors should always have sight glass, this way we can know who's calling without the need to leave home from a stranger.
  • Windows should be equally strong and secure, have a good system to prevent that the seal can be opened easily from the outside.
  • Many thieves break into houses through sliding doors, So it is essential that a professional installs a sliding door with a good strong and effective lock, which would also include hinges that avoid that it can be forced or uninstalled to enter the house.
  • If you move into an apartment or a house with old windows and doors you can not completely replace at least ask a locksmith or professional to find ways to improve safety and make them more resistant.
  • Whenever you leave home or even at night, when you go to sleep, you should close the windows.
  • It is recommended to install burglar alarms when we live in a very extensive property, we spend too much time away from home, we have many valuables at home or live in a high risk area with many robberies.
How To Prevent Home Theft - Improve safety

In every house, lighting is essential

Those living at home must have a good lighting system to help make your home a less vulnerable area. Thieves are friends of darkness allowing them to hide and enter homes without being seen, therefore:

  • We recommend installing light bulbs in the front door of the home and all inputs, always lit to keep these vulnerable areas.
  • The areas around the home, like gardens, must also be adequately illuminated. Type reflector lights are a good choice, but if you want to save you can install a system with motion sensors that turn on every time someone passes through the area.
  • When installing your lighting system, be advised by a professional. Ideally, the lights are located away from any visitor (Invited or not), in this way may not disable or break the bulbs.
How To Prevent Home Theft - In every house, lighting is essential

When we go away or on holiday

For thieves, the best time to rob a house is when they are sure that no one is in it: during our vacation. Therefore it is important to take some precautions when planning to leave the house for several days or weeks in order to prevent house theft:

  • Do not make public the fact that you go on vacation. This is something you should let your closest family members and friends know, but not everyone, this way you'll have a smaller chance of the information reaching the thieves' ears.
  • Make sure before you leave home you have properly closed all windows, sliding doors and doors in your home. Any distraction can make your home the perfect target for a robbery.
  • If you are going to spend a long time time away from home it is important that your home looks inhabited. It is best to install timers on the lights to turn on and off at a scheduled time and it will be more difficult to identify whether or not you are home.
  • If the trip is extended ask a neighbor, friend or relative to pick up your mail. There is no better indication that the house is only a mailbox full of letters and bills.
  • If you have one, activate the alarm before leaving home.
  • Lower the volume on your phone's ringtone. It may seem an unusual advice, but this way it harder to know that there is nobody at home, it will not have a phone ringing night and day without anyone answering it.
  • Blinds which are raised and lowered automatically are also a great alternative to simulate that there is life in the house.
  • Never put your luggage in the car in view of all and on the street. You never know who will be watching, and if the whole family with their luggage is mounted in the car and goes, it is very clear to foreign friends that the home has been left alone. This recommendation is especially important for people living in houses.
How To Prevent Home Theft - When we go away or on holiday

Daily prevention measures

Other daily recommendations can help prevent theft in your home:

  • Never enter a house without looking around, you never know if someone is following you to enter you.
  • Never open your door to strangers who ring the intercom: business mail, hawkers, gas people. Often they are tricks to get in the place and rob in the most vulnerable apartment.
  • If you are not expecting anyone, do not open your door to any stranger. Anyone can enter your apartment with the excuse that they are doing a survey, for gas or anything else.
  • Use the peephole, it was invented just to avoid this kind of thing.
  • When someone rings the doorbell or intercom and indicates that they have a package with your address, you should ask in whose name. If it really is for your house they will tell you, but the chances are that it is a hoax.
  • If your building or in a nearby building, they are renovating the facade and scaffolding are installed, it is important that you increase security measures and close all doors well and windows. Many thieves take advantage of these structures to climb to floors and access to households by the windows. A perfect opportunity to steal at will.
  • Fundamental: never leave the front door of the building open, not that of your home. Ensure it is well locked and if once you've gone you remember something you forgot, do not go looking for it and leave the door open. In a matter of seconds someone can sneak into your home.
How To Prevent Home Theft - Daily prevention measures

We are all vulnerable

It is important to remember that none of us are safe from being robbed at home, so you must be preventive. Follow these recommendations and invest time and money in our security. This is the best way to avoid a bad time to be attacked in our own home.

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How To Prevent Home Theft
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