How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine

What may seem easy at first sight may not be so straight forward for everyone. One of the best examples is knowing how to put a load to wash in the washing machine, which is a decisive factor if we want our clothes to last longer, be completely cleaned and not wear out through washing.

If we want to keep our clothes like new we need to know how to use the washing machine and how to proceed with a wash, depending on the type of fabric, color and amount of dirt to be washed off. At OneHowTo we have prepared these tips so you know the most efficient techniques and ways to put a load to wash in the washing machine.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to do is become familiar with the machine's elements and how each of them work. All washing machines have a drawer for detergent and fabric softener, different washing programs according to the clothes that we put in it, a range of temperatures to choose, a spin cycle and in some cases options on the rinse we want to use.

Next to the box and programming buttons we have the drum, where we will place the clothes to wash. Getting to know these elements will help us learn how to regularly wash our clothes.

How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine - Step 1

The second and more important thing when preparing a wash it to remember to separate the clothes by color and by fabric, as these are washed differently according to whether they are delicate, wool, cotton, or linen.

Thus we can choose the appropriate program for each type of garment without fear of it losing shape or shrinking, as well as having the dye run and spoil the other clothes. Let's remember that each fabric has a wash type that will be more effective in cleaning and maintenance; we cannot wash all clothes the same way.


Once we are sure about how the machine works and have separated the clothes, we need to put the detergent and fabric softener in the box. This has two sections for detergent, one for pre-wash and one for the main wash, and another section for the fabric softener. We will use a pre-wash program only if the laundry is very dirty, in this case filling both detergent sections and that of the softener.

There are detergents that come in capsules that must be put straight in the drum, but this is specified when purchasing the product. Take a look at the box!


Choose the type of washing program you want to set depending on the type of clothes you have loaded, as explained above, and select the temperature at which you want to wash. This will depend on how dirty the clothes are and what they are made of, because not all clothes can be cleaned at the same temperature.

The information about materials, threads and specific washing instructions can be found in the labels of the piece - take a look at them before cutting it off.

You can find out which program is used for each type of fabric by consulting the washing machine instruction manual; consult it if faced with any doubts. Choose the temperature and type of spin, always according to the clothes you are going to load; the more delicate clothes require a lower temperature as well as a slower spin.

How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine - Step 4

Once you know the basics on how to put a load to wash in the washing machine, we can give you some tips to safely wash your clothes:

  • Put color cloths in inside-out so they do not lose color through washing.
  • Check all trouser pockets before putting them to wash so there are no papers, notes or coins.
  • Try to put the delicate items such as bras in a special bag to wash them, so to prevent the friction from making the wires slip out.
  • As the chosen program ends hang the clothes quickly to avoid them picking up a poor smell due to the humidity.
  • Do not use more detergent than what is recommended by the manufacturer, this can lead to clothes not rinsing well.
  • Do not overload the washing machine with clothes, the more there are the worse they will wash.
  • Put shirts in unbuttoned so the button holes do not stretch.

Do you have any more tips on how to put on a load to wash in the washing machine? Tell us in the comments section.

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How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine
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How to Put a Load to Wash in the Washing Machine

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