How to Remove a Permanent Marker Stain from Clothes

How to Remove a Permanent Marker Stain from Clothes

Removing a permanent marker stain can seem impossible. Washing your clothes in the washing machine alone will not remove this tough stain, so you need to take special care to get rid of it. Not all remedies will work for every garment. More delicate items will be damaged with methods requiring scrubbing, but the texture of the fabric is also important, so it can be a case of trial and error. Once you experiement with OneHowTo´s helpful tips, you will eventually know how best to remove the stain.

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Apply acetone to the stain and dry with a clean paper towel until the permanent marker stain disappears. Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover, so you can use this instead. Try a bit of acetone on a small piece of the garment first to make sure that it will not ruin the fabric.


Wash the garment in the machine with a cup of salt in cold water without detergent. Salts can be found in most washing detergents as the alkaline nature of salt activates the stain removal. It is also very useful in removing deoderant stains.


Place a paper towel under the garment. Spray the stain with hairspray and rub with a cotton swab. The hairspray works as a solvent similar to acetone and the paper towel will help absorb the stain and prevent damage on the other side.


Apply a degreaser (e.g. Vanish) to the stain and dry with a clean paper towel until the stain disappears. You might want to give your garment a general wash afterwards to make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned.


Soak the stained area in white vinegar for at least an hour and then wash in the washing machine. Malt or wine vinegar are likely to cause more staining, but white distilled vinegar is effective and can also work as a fabric softener.


Mix cream of tartar (potassium tartrate, also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate) and lemon juice into a paste and apply to the stain. Leave it on for about an hour before putting the garment in the washing machine.


Rub the permanent marker stain with toothpaste and a paper towel. Make sure it is a paste as a gel will not work. Again, washing in a general wash will get rid of any traces of your cleaning operation.


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  • Don't wash your clothes in the washing machine without having treated the stain first as it could set the stain and then you'll never be able to get rid of it.