How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

When you share your day to day with a cat, hair becomes an important part of life. And that is because your cat is furry, deal with it. Its lovely hair has a protective function and thus renews periodically, especially in spring and autumn. And when that hair falls, one of its favorite places of deposition is on your clothes. But do not despair, there is a solution and it is simple, so at we will give you some simple advice on how to remove cat hair from clothes.

Steps to follow:

To begin, if you brush your cat daily you'll get rid of most of the dead hairs. A simple and wonderful habit that will delight your cat if he or she gets used to it and prevent the hair from sticking to your clothes. So brush your cat's hair every day and feel the difference on your clothes. Choose the best brush for your cat in order to get rid of most of these unwanted hairs.


But what to do when brushing your cat is not enough and yet you still love to cuddle your furry friend? Well then you have to get down to work. The easiest way to remove cat hair from clothes is using a clothes brush or classic sticky roller. This is used to drag the hair that has adhered to your clothes. It is sold in supermarkets at a reduced price. There are also some smaller sizes so you can take the roller in your bag.

If you have been caught off guard you can also use sticky tape. Wrap the adhesive in your hand and go through all the fabric dragging everything in its path. There are also special brushes that remove hairs that serve this purpose, but these are more expensive.

How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes - Step 2

Another way to remove you cat's hair from clothing is with rubber gloves, the typical kitchen gloves used to clean. They create static electricity and with this charge they can attract more hairs stuck to clothing. You can also use a balloon. You can rub it on the affected items and see how they get caught on it.


The best remedy for removing cat hair from your clothes is water. It is certainly the best method, you just have to rub a damped cloth on the clothes and see how effective it is to catch all the hair that is stuck. You can also use a wet sponge, scrape it on the clothing when needed, and then put it to soak to remove the hair. For more worrying cases, put to the clothes to soak and you will see how in a while hairs will come off and remain floating.

How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes - Step 4

As preventive action, if the hair of your cat on your clothes bothers you a lot, we recommend you lock the door of the wardrobe. It is well known that cats love wardrobes, so always keep the doors closed. Also try not to leave clothes in sight, nor on the bed or hanging out of the closet if you do not want hair on your clothes.

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How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes
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How to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

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