How to Remove Coffee Stains When You're not at Home

How to Remove Coffee Stains When You're not at Home

We've all been there, out and about, meeting a friend for coffee and you have that one clumsy moment where coffee slops out the cup and on to your favorite shirt. It's a pain, not just because coffee stains are stubborn, but because who wants to walk round with a brown smudge down their front all day. Want to know how to shift these marks on the go? In oneHOWTO we're going to tell you how to remove coffee stains when you're not at home.

Steps to follow:

Coffee stains can be difficult to remove, and depending on the size of the stain (and how strong you have your coffee), it may take a little more effort to remove and you might need to repeat the following steps until it has completely gone. The best thing to do is act fast! If the stain has happened on your shoe, take a look at our specific article on how to remove coffee stains from shoes.


Firstly, if the coffee stain is still wet, gently blot at it with a paper towel or tissue. This will help to lift some of the liquid out of the fabric. Whatever happens, don't rub at it. Rubbing at a stain will only force the liquid deeper making it harder to remove.


If possible, run the coffee stain under cold water from the back of the stain for a few minutes. Once under the water, gently press at it to help remove any residue left in the fabric.

Tip: It is important you only use cold water for this step. Using hot water is likely to set the stain and make it more stubborn.


If the last step hasn't removed the coffee stain, put a tiny amount of hand wash on your finger and onto the stain. Gently blot again with a paper towel until you can see the stain lifting. Again, rinse under cold water and remove the soap.


Remember to check the care label of your fabric before attempting to remove the coffee stain yourself. Delicate fabrics such as silk or wool may be better being dry cleaned.

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