How to remove dog smell from my house

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to remove dog smell from my house

Dogs' body odour is much more intense than other pets, such as cats. It is no wonder that our home ends up impregnated with that smell, despite maintaining proper hygiene. In addition, there are dog breeds that tend to give off a stronger smell than others, Poodle and Dachshunds, for example, are not breeds that usually smell. In general, owners usually become immunized to the extent that they do not notice that their home smells like dog, but visitors are not immunized. So you can get rid of it easily, in this OneHowTo article we want to show you how to remove the smell of dog from your home with simple homemade tricks.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to do is to focus on the intensity of the smell, if your dog smells stronger than normal you should go to the vet because, in many cases, the smell is often a symptom of viral diseases. Sometimes the cause is the physiology of your dog, because depending on the level of fat in their skin body odour it emits will be more or less strong (the more fat, the stronger the smell).


A very effective trick to prevent your dog from emitting such a strong smell and prevent your house from smelling like your dog, is to mix your special dog shampoo with a cup of apple cider vinegar as it is a powerful degreaser. If you already have started the shampoo bottle, the ratio should be equal parts. Above all, dry your dog well after bathing, do not leave it outdoors because then the trick will not work and it will take on bad smells. Find out how often you should be washing your dog to minimize smells.

How to remove dog smell from my house - Step 2

Regularly clean its bed, blanket, mattress and, in general, the corner where it usually sleeps is essential to reduce the dog smell in your home. By spending so many hours in that room in the house, it is completely impregnated with the smell and the best way to remove it is by cleaning frequently. If you have trouble removing dog hair from fabric, find out some tips in this OneHowTo article.


If your dog normally jumps up on the sofa and armchairs, you should wash them often, too. However, the best advice is train your dog to stop this habit, your dog must have its space and you have yours to mark your leadership and provide a place where it feels safe.

How to remove dog smell from my house - Step 4

Likewise apple cider vinegar is good to neutralise the smell of your dog, so it is also good to remove it from your home. To do this, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to your regular detergent when you wash your both the dog's bed and covers as well as your sofa etc. You can do this also when you clean the carpet, as this is usually one of the favourite places where dogs like to lie and it can smell of them.


A very effective trick to remove the dog smell from your house is to use a product that absorbs odours like bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle a little in the rooms where your dog normally spends time and leave it on overnight. Do not do it where your dog is sleeping because if ingested in large amounts it can cause gastrointestinal problems. Apply baking soda on his bed when you take it out for a walk for example, and leave it to work for one hour.

When the time is up, vacuum it up and the bed will be clean! Your house no longer smells like dog. You can also sprinkle the sofa and carpets.


Finally, if you have more than one dog and your house is you smelling of them despite the above tricks, you can place an Air Purifier in your home. Although it is the most expensive choice, it is also the most effective as it removes all types of odours and pollutants such as bacteria, virus, etc. Also, fresheners give you the possibility of maintaining a good smell.

How to remove dog smell from my house - Step 7

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Do not vacuum baking soda etc - it will chew up bearings in motor or more. Found out the hard way.
How to remove dog smell from my house
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How to remove dog smell from my house

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