How to Remove Foul Odor from the Refrigerator

How to Remove Foul Odor from the Refrigerator

The fridge is an appliance where odors easily build up. On several occasions, food inside the fridge may no longer be fresh and may release strong odors that invade the entire space of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention at all times to the hygiene and cleaning of this appliance. This article will show you how to remove foul odor from the refrigerator with simple tricks that will really help.

Steps to follow:

The first step to remove foul odor from the refrigerator is to find the cause and origin. Typically unpleasant odors come from food which has gone bad. If you detect spoiled food, the first thing to do is to take it out of the refrigerator, but if you do not know where the bad smell comes from, it will be convenient to conduct a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator, focusing on each of the compartments and shelves.


An excellent method to prevent odours in the refrigerator is thoroughly protect all food that can generate a very strong aroma and, above all, strong cheeses, sauces and food scraps. The ideal thing is to wrap them in cling film or aluminium foil, not only avoiding unpleasant odours, but also ensuring that other foods in the fridge don't also acquire the unpleasant smell.


If after removing the spoiled food and cleaning the fridge the odors still persist, it's time to turn to some of the recommended homemade tricks to eliminate the smell. One of the most popular is placing lemon halves with cloves inserted into them into the fridge. You can also leave a bowl of lemon juice in the fridge. Lemon is great at eliminating odors, even on underarms! Try it and see how it works!


For those who love the smell of coffee, an effective alternative to remove odours from the refrigerator is to place one glass filled with ground coffee inside the fridge. Note that your fridge will take on the smell of coffee, so it is important that you enjoy the smell.


Other similar options you can try to get rid of bad odours in the refrigerator are:

  • Putting an open container with baking soda in the fridge.
  • Putting a piece of charcoal in the fridge.
  • Making a big ball of bread crumbs, soaking it in vinegar and putting it in the fridge. These tricks help neutralize all kinds of smells.

If none of these methods or home remedies have worked to get rid of the foul odor from the refrigerator or freezer, the problem will probably be quite serious. Here's some advice:

  • Put a bicarbonate sodium box inside the refrigerator for two or three days so it absorbs the bad smell.
  • Dampen a piece of cotton with vanilla extract. Place the cotton ball in the refrigerator and let it rest for the night.
  • Dampen the shelves with a solution containing a spoonful of bleach for every liter of water.

The last step is to put the food back in the refrigerator. If you still notice bad odor, it could be due to the following causes:

  • There's a dead animal behind the refrigerator, such as a rat.
  • The motor has mold and you'll have to clean it.

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