How to remove hair removal wax stains from clothes

How to remove hair removal wax stains from clothes

Wax stains on clothes are amongst the most annoying and difficult to remove due to its versatility and easy penetration between fabrics. The same applies to wax used for body hair removal. It has happened to many of us where we have accidentally stained our shirt or trousers with hair removal wax. To remove these stains and have your clothes look like new there are some very effective tricks that will be of great use. If you want to know how to remove hair removal wax stains from clothes, in this OneHowTo article we show you the most effective natural products.

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It is possible that whilst waxing with hot wax, a few drops go onto your clothes; in the case of cold wax you may have accidentally put a strip over an item of your clothing. To remove such sticky remnants of wax, the most common and used home remedy is applying ethanol. Take a cotton swab, dip it with ethanol and rub the wax stain. Do this by circular movements while exerting a little pressure.

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For older was stains it is best to use absorbent products and heat. First, scrape the wax with a spatula. Then take some newspaper, tissue paper or a piece of not very thick fabric, place a piece on each side of the stain. Then with an iron, iron the stain. The hair removal wax will melt and the paper or cloth will absorb it. Repeat this process until the stain disappears or until it is reduced as much as possible. Then add your garment to a container with ethanol and rub the stain.


Another very effective home remedy to remove wax stains from clothing to bring water to a boil, add some baby oil or olive oil and enter your soiled clothing. Leave it a few minutes and then remove it. A trace of the stain may remain on your clothes but do not worry, you only need to scratch a on the wax a little and wash your garment with your regular detergent and the stain will completely diapear. Also, olive oil is very good to remove wax stains.


Nail varnish remover is another product that can help remove hair removal wax stains from your clothes. Soak a cotton ball with acetone and rub the stain until it disappears. If your stained clothes are delicate fabrics or coloured use a nail varnish remover without acetone because acetone is an aggressive product that can damage your delicate clothes or lighten their colour.


Test these home remedies and removes stains from your clothes produced by hair removal wax. If the stains are very deep and none of these tricks work, you should know that there are specific products to remove these stains.


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