How to remove rust easily at home

How to remove rust easily at home

Sometimes you leave an iron object in the garden or outdoors and then the weather causes it to rust and iron oxide appears, making the object ugly and often beyond repair. In this article, we'll show you a quick and easy way to return the shine to objects that are iron or metal that's been oxidised.

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First, do a visual inspection to see if you can clean off the rust or if there's nothing to be done. If the rust has formed a layer on top of the metal and it starts to come off, there's surely nothing you can do with it. In cases of a lot of rust, you should use a grinder to remove the surface oxidation and then follow step by step what we indicate below.


Take the object that's full of iron oxide and place it on a firm and secure site, on the floor is a good place because what you're about to do will be hard, so get comfortable.


Cut pieces of aluminum foil. The pieces should be about 3 square centimetres. Then, wet each piece of aluminum foil in water.


Rub the foil on the rusty iron and you'll see how the oxidation begins to disappear. Use the wet piece of aluminum foil on about 10 centimetres of rusty iron, then change the piece of foil and use another one. In the picture you can see how the iron looks after cleaning it.


After rubbing it with foil, you can use an old sock or rag. You'll see how the iron becomes very clean.


That's it! In the picture you can see how it was before with the rust and now how it looks. As you've seen, removing rust isn't a problem, as long as it has not begun to eat up at the metal.

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  • When you've completely cleaned the rust from the metal, you should apply a product that prevents it from rusting again. Use an anti-rust product.