How to Remove Scratches from Wood

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Scratches from Wood

If you have a laminate floor, you will have noticed that its time to tackle the scratches. While they are bound to occur, no matter how careful we are, the pressure of objects with weight, animals or by small stones or sand on the soles of our shoes, are enough to mark the floor.

If you wish to maintain your floor beautiful or some other object in wood, take note. In OneHowTo we explain How to remove scratches from wood. With these simple tricks you will keep your parquet or wooden furniture beautiful and in perfect working order, so that they will last much longer.

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Steps to follow:

Note the depth of the scratch before taking action. Generally you will find superficial scratches in the wood surface, getting rid of these will be much easier. If the scratch is deep it is best to change the damaged wood or contact a professional to solve and repair the crack.


When you have identified the damaged areas clean them. We recommend that you do so with a cloth dampened with alcohol or lukewarm water. Then, leave to dry at room temperature.


To disguise the lines and scratches, there are different methods. Namely:

  • Permanent marker: search for one in the colour of your wood or parquet and try to colour in the mark softly, so that it is less evident.
  • Ink marker: search for one in the colour of your wood or parquet and apply the ink to the mark softly and following instructions on the product. You will be able to find such a marker in a local DIY store or ironmongers
  • Dry cloth: try to eliminate the scratch with kitchen towels or a similar process. Wipe the wood by doing circular movements. In this way you will polish the wood.
  • Dampen a cotton bud with special wax for floors and wipe the area where the wood is scratched. That may well hide the scratch.
  • If the scratches are superficial, you can try three quarters of a cup of olive oil and the same amount of cider vinegar carefully rubbed in the wood with a clean cloth.

If the previous methods to disguise the scratch have not worked it will be time to repair the wood. If you are not capable to do so yourself you can get in touch with the manufacturer of wood, so he can advise, instruct or offer you a special pack to repair the wood.


Firstly, to repair the wood, you will have to sand down the damaged area with fine sand paper. You can do so with circulars movements on the surface or with straight lines following the natural lines of wood in the area of the scratches.


Then, pass a cloth dampened with mineral alcohol over the sanded area and leave to dry outdoors. This way you will eliminate the sawdust produced by the friction of the sand paper on the wood.


Once clean,on the worked area of the wood, apply a little of the original painting of the floor or furniture being repaired with great care . Use a fine brush for this task, so you can have more accuracy. Once you have finished painting, pass a dry cloth and wipe over the surface. Repeated both actions until you observe that the scratch has merged in the paint and has been disguised perfectly,


If with these tricks you do not eliminate a scratch in the wood we advise you to call a professional or change the parquet on the floor, above all if the damage is full or deep.

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How to Remove Scratches from Wood
How to Remove Scratches from Wood

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