How to remove static from your clothes

How to remove static from your clothes

Often static can build up on your own clothing making them cling to your body or giving you a little shock when you touch other surfaces. There are some simple tricks that let us remove static from your clothes that can be just the solution we are looking for to let us dress more comfortably. We will show you them in the following OneHowto article.

Steps to follow:

If you have time to remove static from your clothes, a good way is to hand wash your clothes or, for a much more convenient way, put them on a short cycle in your washing machine. Add softener to the final rinse to make sure your fabrics don't become static. So if you use your washing machine, pause it for a moment before the final rinse and add a little more softener.


A good trick to remove static is, after washing your clothes shake and hang them in a humid environment to dry such as in the bathroom or laundry room.


Metal is a material that traps the static electricity, so put your clothes against a metallic surface or object for good results.


There are other very practical tips to reduce and try to remove static from your clothing when you're getting dressed. One way is to spray hairspray on your clothes, which will make them return to normal. To do this, spray from 1 metre away to prevent staining or damage.


Another method you can use is to use some moisturising lotion on yourself just before getting dressed. Moisturising lotion will help eliminate static from the clothes that you are going to wear.


When buying clothes, remember that natural fabrics such as cotton, wool or linen are the best for absorbing static and are more suitable than synthetics, which generate static when they come into contact with your body. Therefore, for a sure way to avoid static clothes, avoid wearing synthetic clothes.

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