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How to remove the smell from the washing machine

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to remove the smell from the washing machine

With regular use, lack of ventilation and the absence of care it is very normal that our washer starts to give off a unpleasant odour, which comes from damp, and which is sometimes transferred to our clothes becoming a problem for us. On we help you with some simple tips for you to discover how to remove the bad smell from the washing machine , it's not complicated!

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Steps to follow:


The first step you must make into a habit, is always leave the washer door open after using it during the day, this way you allow the moisture to evaporate and properly ventilate the area,


Buy a special cloth to clean wet surfaces (those for glass are ideal) and after using the washer pass it through the drum of your machine thus absorbing excess water that sometimes accumulates in this area causing bacteria and bad smell.


It is important that, at least twice a year, you use special products for cleaning washing machines they usually come in tablet form, so you will carry out a deep clean and eliminate accumulated bacteria.


Sporadically when you washing whites you can wash at 90 degrees, thus the hot water deeply cleans the drum by removing dirt that generates odour.


Do not forget to regularly clean the filter to remove lint, paper scraps and whatever else normally comes out of pockets of our clothes and that is causing the smell.

Now, you've done all that what can you do? To eliminate the bad smells from the washing machine you can:

  • Make a short wash over 30 ° C using only a pint of white vinegar. This ingredient is able to completely kill the bacteria in your washing machine and eliminate the bad odours. You can use it to wash your washing machine from time to time.
  • Make a wash with bleach, which also functions effectively, eliminating bacteria. However, the recommendation is that the next wash is with white clothing to avoid staining due to product residue.
  • Also, you can leave a container of baking soda inside the washing machine once you have done either of these two washes. Bicarbonate of soda helps absorb odour and leaves your washing machine completely fresh.

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How to remove the smell from the washing machine