How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 13, 2017
How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine

Has your dog peed in the house? The smell of urine can be extremely strong and it is highly recommended that you remove it as soon as you notice that your dog has urinated. Otherwise, it will be far more difficult to remove it completely and your dog will probably do it again in the exact same spot. In this oneHOWTO article, we'll give you some tips and tricks on how to remove the smell of dog urine and, in addition, we'll provide some advice on how to prevent your dog from urinating in the house in the first place.

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Steps to follow:

As we mentioned above, it's important that you clean up the urine as soon as you realize your dog has urinated so that you remove as much of the smell as possible. Note that a dog's sense of smell is a hundred times more powerful than ours, which is why they'll smell the scent after they've marked a particular spot and will return to that very spot to do their business again. Therefore, removing the stain as soon as you notice it will eliminate the stain and ensure that the smell disappears completely. Nevertheless the first step we would advice you to take, is to prevent your dog from urinating in the house in the first place, however we will provide more information on this later on.

To start, you can go to a supermarket or pet shop and buy a ready-made product designed to remove stains caused by pets. However, if you prefer, you could make a homemade version yourself using a number of ingredients that will help to keep your house clean and in tip top shape. Below, we'll explain how to make your very own cleaner.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine - Step 1

One particularly effective home remedy for removing the smell of dog urine is a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Dog's urine contains both acid and alkaline substances, therefore, to correctly eliminate the odor, you'll need to use a combination of alkaline and alcohol to counteract the smell.

To do this, simply dissolve equal parts bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and pour into a sprayer. Use this to spray the affected area and let it dry. Repeat this as often as you like throughout the day to make sure that the smell has gone completely. Remember to apply the mixture as a cleaning product, only in the areas that are affected by the smell of the dogs urine.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine - Step 2

Another trick for removing the smell of dog pee is by using oxygenated water and a little soap. To do this, simply mix a teaspoon of soap in a cup of oxygenated water and mix well until the ingredients are fully combined. Then, using a damp cloth, apply the mixture to the urine stain and let it dry. As with the previous product, you can apply this as many times throughout the day as required to completely remove the smell.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine - Step 3

However, the most popular home remedy for removing the smell of urine, which outshines all the previous products, is a mixture of lemon juice and a little water. The acid of the fruit eliminates traces of odor while giving your home a bright, zesty scent. To make this product, simply wet the urine stain with water and rub the stain with the lemon. If you prefer, you could juice the lemon beforehand and apply the juice directly to the stain. In addition to the wonderful fragrance that lemon provides to your home and eliminating the smell of dogs urine at the same time, it is an extremely cheap option for your home and easy to apply.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine - Step 4

When a dog urinates in your home, there are a number of practices that you should avoid that can often worsen the situation. For example, you should avoid using your usual detergent to eliminate the smell of urine because, although the smell will go, the a sticky residue will remain which will attract dirt and dust.

You also need to be careful when it comes to choosing an air freshener to mask the odor. Unfortunately, many of them are toxic or contain chemical products which can poison your dog. Make sure you choose a chemical-free freshener which isn't harmful to dogs. Using these products can be economically much more expensive than the previous options provide, but it is worth it to minimize the risk to your dog's healthy.


As mentioned previously, once you have eliminated the smell of urine, it is important that you know how to educate your dog not to do it again in the house. Alternatively, you could make some DIY repellents that will discourage your dog from peeing in the same spot.

For example, you could use a little bit of cayenne pepper (or red pepper) on the spot as it is rich in a molecule which irritates the mucous membranes and skin called 'capsicum'. Simply sprinkle a little onto the area that your dog always urinates and you'll soon notice that your dog doesn't even want to approach the spot any more, let alone urinate there, given that the smell is so strong

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How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine - Step 6

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Tracey Ledgerwood
I need to get rid of dog urine on a timber deck outside, that has obviously leached through the timber and the gaps in the timber to what's underneath the deck. She is an old dog and can't negotiate the stairs to get to the grass, so she does all her business on the deck and I cannot get rid of the smell. Is it the bi carb and vinegar that's the best to use ??????
OneHowTo Editor
The best thing to use is what works. The Bicarbonate of soda should help to break down the urine itself and the vinegar should neutralize it, but it will depend on the extent of the damage and the quality of the wood.
Eli Gonzalez
How to remove DOG URINE ON CEMENT; urine smell in the air ... HELP

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine
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How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine

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