How To Remove The Smell Of Fish From A Fridge

How To Remove The Smell Of Fish From A Fridge

Fish gives off a smell that can become very unpleasant if it stays around for a long time in your fridge or freezer. If you cannot stand that smell that permeates the atmosphere of your home, it's time to learn some tricks to help dispel the smell. To do this, here on we explain how to remove the smell of fish from a fridge to make sure your appliances and your home environment are free from this repulsive stench.

Steps to follow:

Defrost your refrigerator. To remove the smell of fish from a fridge, completely empty the freezer or refrigerator and place the foods in another cool place. If you do not have another refrigerator, try to keep food cold so that it remains preserved. You can use frozen containers so that they don't defrost.


Deep clean the freezer or refrigerator. You can use a lemon or some vinegar. This will help to dispel the smell. We will give you some more advice in these articles:

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After completing this procedure, fill half a cup or bowl with coffee beans or ground coffee and then place a cup on each refrigerator shelf or department. The coffee will be useful to capture the fishy odor.


Leave the cups with coffee beans in there for a few hours. If you consider it necessary, you can keep them in overnight. If the next morning the fishy smell has not gone away, repeat the trick for a few more hours with fresh new coffee beans.


Another method to remove the smell of fish is to cover the inside of the refrigerator with newspaper and to put fresh charcoal over it. Both elements will help to absorb the bad smell that fish leaves behind.


Leave the charcoal in for a few hours for it to work. If you consider it necessary, you can keep them in the refrigerator overnight.


Another trick is to put a lemon cut into two halves on a plate and then leave it in the refrigerator. Also, you can also add cloves to make it more effective and find more tips like this in how to remove odour from your refrigerator.


You can also fill a container with baking soda and place it in your fridge. This will not only to get rid of a bad smell, but also to reduce moisture inside the appliance. This is also a good idea to create a homemade fridge freshener, as you can leave it in to reduce any smells.

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