How to Remove the Water Stains from the Shower Screen

How to Remove the Water Stains from the Shower Screen

If you found our tips on how to remove water marks from glass useful, you cannot miss out on the tricks that we will go through today so you can keep your shower shiny and in top hygienic conditions. There are expensive products out there that do wonders to remove water stains or spots, but we will give advice within everyone's reach and budget.

Stay with us at oneHOWTO and we'll explain how to remove water stains from the shower screen.

Steps to follow:

No matter how rigorous and strict you are with house chores, water stains on the shower screen are inevitable. The problem is that little by little the water spots on the shower screen build up, and day after day they get attached to the surface with such force that they become really difficult to remove. The best way to prevent that is by cleaning daily and performing proper maintenance.


The spots become problematic when they sit there for a long time. What products should you use for to remove waterstains from the shower screen? Experts remind us that the cleaning product used will help us prevent these spots from forming. Sometimes it is better to spend a little extra money and get a quality specific product for that purpose.


But if you do not want to use chemicals and you prefer opting for a more natural solution to eliminate the water stains from the shower screen, we suggest trying with a homemade cleaning product.

Making your own cleaning product is as easy as combining white vinegar with sodium bicarbonate in equal amounts and mixing well to obtain a paste, which you then have to leave to act in the required area for some 15 minutes. Then simply wash away with water and dry with a cloth. Here you can learn more about the household uses for vinegar.


However, as recommended before, prevention is always the best solution for the majority of everyday problems. That is why at oneHOWTO we recommend that you keep a clean towel near the shower to dry away the water stains as soon as they appear.


These are our tips on how to remove water stains from the shower screen. What are yours? Tell us in the comments section!

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