How to remove yellow stains from white clothes

How to remove yellow stains from white clothes

Whites are always in fashion but also get dirty more easily, and the appearance of horrible stains on them is very common. Sweating or rubbing of the skin can cause unsightly stubborn stains and even leave a very unflattering dirty yellowish hue. If this has happened to any of your clothes, do not worry, this article will show you how to remove yellow stains from white clothes. With these little tricks, you'll treat your clothes and get them to always be a perfect white.

Steps to follow:

One of the best tricks there is to remove yellow stains from white clothes is to use lemon and bicarbonate, as both products are great to whiten clothes and make them look like brand new. To do so you only need to cut half a lemon and scrub its juice on the stained area. Then, add a teaspoonful of bicarbonate and let it dry in the sun until it's dry. We'll have to leave it there for at least an hour in order for this trick to be effective. Those products also work with oil stains on bed sheets.

After this we'll only have to put the clothes in the washing machine as you would usually. Once the program has finished you'll notice the yellow stain will have disappeared.


Another trick to get rid of unsightly yellow stains on white clothes is to apply heat. Place a hot iron on the yellow areas covered with baby powder. Leave a bit of space between the iron and the garment, just enough so that the heat can act for a few seconds. You can also apply a bit of vapor.

After applying the heat, iron the stain with the baby powder on it. You should let the iron slide on the stain for only a few seconds. After that, shake it to get rid of the baby powder.


To get rid of the yellow areas on the armpits that are produced by sweat, follow this tip. Add an aspirin to your washing machine once it is full with water. Its effervescence will make the stains disappear. You can then proceed with your usual cycle.


Another efficient method to get rid of yellow stains is to submerge the clothes item in a solution made of cold water and oxygenated water. Do this before washing your clothes as you usually would. If you notice the yellow stain doesn't disappear, try applying the oxygenated water directly, without reducing it in water.


If you notice that the white stains don't disappear completely or go back to their initial white color there are other tricks you can find in the following article: how to naturally whiten clothes without bleach.

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