How to Scent the House

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Scent the House

Scents influence colours, furniture, materials and textiles we use to decorate every corner of the house. In fact, the smell we notice upon entering our home can facilitate rest and wellbeing, and help us receive visitors in the best way possible. In other words, the fragrance of the home becomes another ornament, we must choose it carefully and preferably in a natural way. Need some ideas? You're in luck, because at OneHowTo we explain how to scent the house.

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Ventilate the house

Proper ventilation and thorough cleaning are two very important tips to prevent odours from building up at home. So before scenting the home do not forget to implement these tips. Hiding odours with pleasant fragrances can be a disastrous mix.

How to Scent the House - Ventilate the house

Removing odours

What can we do to eliminate odours that accumulate in certain rooms such as the kitchen or in freshly painted rooms? Before scenting the house, you have to neutralize odours. A great trick is to place a cup of white vinegar to absorb the strongest and most unpleasant odours.

How to Scent the House - Removing odours

The delicious aroma of desserts

And speaking of cooking... A delicious way of scenting the kitchen is by testing our culinary skills. Cook some cookies or desserts, because the aroma of freshly baked home cooking is always a great alternative. Especially for gourmets and lovers of good food.

How to Scent the House - The delicious aroma of desserts

Natural flowers

If besides perfuming the house you also want to decorate any room in your home, nothing is better than a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's the fastest, easiest and most attractive option. Our advice? Use your favourite flowers.

How to Scent the House - Natural flowers

Scented candles

Another good idea is using scented candles in a variety of smells. In any gardening store you will find countless candles with all kinds of fragrances, from fruity notes to floral motifs. The best thing about using candles is that besides perfuming the house cheaply you get a very intimate and special atmosphere.

How to Scent the House - Scented candles


Using incense or essential oils are another good ideas to perfume the house easily. In any decor store you will find incense burners and special aromatic oil burners, as pictured below.

How to Scent the House - Incense

A good home-made trick

A trick that will also help you perfume the house? Try boiling water in a saucepan, simmer, and add any ingredients you want to use as a perfume. To give you an idea, you can use cinnamon sticks, coffee beans or lemon peels.

These are some ideas to scent your home with the most economic, natural and irresistible aromas. Do you have any other idea on how to scent the house? Leave your comments and tips below.

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I take cotton balls and soak them in my favorite fragrance or body spray and put it inside my vacuum cleaner’s bag. When I vacuum the fragrance emits from the vacuum cleaner! I also have used a cardboard air freshener. I just fold it up and put it inside a clean vacuum cleaner bag. The fragrance from both of these ways usually last until the bag needs to be changed!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Karen,

Great tip, thanks for sharing!
How to Scent the House
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How to Scent the House

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