How To Wash Denim Clothes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Wash Denim Clothes

Denim clothing is classic and timeless and if you want to keep your denim in perfect condition, you'll need to be careful during routine washing. It is generally recommended not to wash it too much. This is a textile that is known for its durability. It is mostly made of cotton and by following our advice for how to wash denim clothing, you'll have it forever. At we explain how to wash denim clothes.

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Steps to follow:

If you wash your denim clothing in the washing machine, we recommend that you use the delicate setting. This is best so they don't get ruined and the quality of the fabric stays as it was the first day you bought it, reducing the wear. Use mild detergents and never use bleach or whitening products. The only thing you can use if you want the fabric to be less hard is to use fabric softener.

How To Wash Denim Clothes - Step 1

You should always use cold or warm water but never hot because otherwise the clothing will lose its colour, especially the darker garments, and you run the risk of the fabric shrinking. This advice is key to keeping all your denim in perfect condition for as long as possible.

How To Wash Denim Clothes - Step 2

You should always wash denim inside out because the washing could be very abrasive. That way you avoid other clothing, buttons, detergent and anything else from ruining the look of your clothes. Before washing, always read the label well and see if there is any specific advice. For example, there is a lot of denim clothing that you should wash the first time by itself as it can stain the rest of your clothes, but this is not important for others.

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How To Wash Denim Clothes - Step 3

An important tip to washing your denim is that you wash it with other clothes of the same style or similar colors. Always take the possible loss of color into account, because washing it frequently enough will cause it to fade. For example, if you wash your denim with white clothes, you could dye them all. So, the best precaution is to wash all denim clothing separately.

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How To Wash Denim Clothes - Step 4

After washing all your denim, hang it out to dry. Don't use the dryer because if it gets too dry, it can shrink and lose its colour. But if you cannot dry them without it, opt for a delicate cycle with low heat. Take the clothing out when it's slightly wet and hang it on a clothesline to finish drying completely, do not hang it in direct sunlight.

Before hanging it out, stretch the seams so they don't shrink, and try to stretch them out so the fabric is not wrinkled. Denim is a fabric that wrinkles easily, but if you carefully put on the clothespins, it will look great.

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How To Wash Denim Clothes
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How To Wash Denim Clothes

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