Ideas for Decorating with Fairy Lights

Ideas for Decorating with Fairy Lights

A cozy, warm and inviting home that invites rest is what you get with good lighting - and nowadays fairy lights are all the rage. Both the color of the fairy lights and their location is important to ensure that each room has its own atmosphere and the energy you want to give it. Spaces like the living room, for instance, are where people usually want to have a more welcoming atmosphere - which you can get with orange and yellow lights.

But if you want to get an even better effect, you can choose to place lights in other corners of your home to give it a unique and magical touch. In this OneHowTo article we will give some ideas for decorating with fairy lights that will make your home look amazing.

Small decorative elements

If you want to have an intimate lounge for a romantic dinner or some reading time a good idea is to place decorative lights or candles inside glass jars. Instead of spending money, you can reuse glass or mason jars that you probably have in your kitchen from jams and preserves.

More and more people opt for reusing glass jars to give these everyday objects new uses after their contents has been consumed; in the past, these containers were usually thrown away. Nowadays, however, our environmental awareness has made us look for new purposes to all sorts of materials. Glass jars, for instance, can be used for storing utensils, as original candle holders or picture frames.


Charming bedrooms with fairy lights

Another very unique and atmospheric way to decorate with fairy lights is to hang garlands on the wall. They weigh very little, and they will give your own space a nice and warm touch and offer a correct light intensity for the most intimate moments with your partner.

Something that people often do is hang some pictures on the wall and make the wreath pass by them to highlight the memories in the image and get all the elements to be part of a single decoration.


Unique uses for fairy lights

We continue with environmentally friendly decoration; have you considered reusing wine bottles? The best in these cases is to choose lights that are intense in color, since the glass of the bottle is usually quite opaque and so it is necessary that the lights shine strongly through it.

This decoration is perfect for shared spaces such as the hall or dining area, giving a different, cozy touch. It will add to a sense of togetherness, and - like the Danish say - you will be creating hygge.


Fairy lights for children's rooms

If you have children you can also opt for decorating their room with fairy lights. It is a way to give a magical decorative touch to the room. It will also be very useful for children who are afraid of the dark and have difficulty falling asleep.

When decorating a child's room it is best to opt for strings that are rounded or have drawings of animals. For example, you can hang a string of fairy lights on the bed's headboard, on top of the mirror, behind the door or as seen in the image, around a unique tree that will add to their imagination and make them feel they're in a fairy tale.


A romantic room

If you want to decorate a room for a romantic evening or simply want to give your bedroom a dreamy atmosphere, a good option is to place fairy lights on the wall closest to where you put your head to sleep. As you see in the picture, our idea is that you hang curtains on the wall and then add some lights. The result is perfect.

If you do not like having curtains in that area you can choose to hang a cloth or put the lights on the headboard. The effect is similar so you can enjoy a magical and warm corner.


Decorating with Christmas lights

Christmas is a perfect moment to fill your home with lights and decoration. The last idea that we propose is to learn to decorate with Christmas lights and make your house perfect to receive guests. There are many ways to do this, as these lights can be are placed in places like the Christmas tree, nativity scenes, the entrance of the house, etc.

An original way of doing this is by placing colorful lights in different places, for example between the living room or dinning room curtains. As you see in the picture, the effect is very welcoming and your family will be amazed.


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