Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

Bring nature into your home! If you want to add a touch of fresh air to your home and decorate it in a natural and unique way, flowers are your best allies. There are a variety of decorating ideas designed to take advantage of the beauty of flowers and so equip every corner of your home with a cosy and tasteful feel. In this OneHowTo article we show you some ideas for decorating with flowers which are very easy to do and which will help you give your home a new look.

Flowers in glasses.

A super simple idea, but a visually aesthetic one, is to use the glasses that you usually use for water and place these on the dining table, on top of the shelf or on the coffee table. As you can see in the picture, this idea is very easy as it only needs some stones, some water and some flowers that you like. You can pick them yourself from the garden or opt for plastic ones because they last longer.

If you don't want to put stones in the base you can use some soil and so create a very original pot or another good idea is to place shells in the bottom. You can have the flowers all the same or, if you prefer, you can make a small bouquet of different types and colours that will give more colour to the corners of your home.


A centrepiece with flowers and candles

If you want to have an original centrepiece with flowers you will like this idea. You only have to look for a wide bowl or container that is not very deep so that the effect is similar to that in the image. Then you can use all elements you like best, for example, plants, stones, shells, candles and so on.

The trick is to properly distribute the elements of this centrepiece and combine all the elements well. Floating candles fit perfectly in this type of decorative object, so you can buy yourself a decorating store or, if you prefer, you can make them yourself. This OneHowTo article will tell you how to make floating candles.


Floating flowers

Another good idea to decorate with flowers is to cut off the stem right by the flower and like so make floating flowers that will fit perfectly both as a centrepiece in smaller vases. It is a very colourful option that will look perfect in any corner of your home.

To give a more attractive touch we recommend that you put in the base stones or shells, for example, as these will be even more notable than the flowers, indeed they will appear to be floating on the water. You can choose different types of flowers though at OneHowTo we advise you to have these the same for a more homogeneous air that can be combined with the rest of the water feature


Minimalist flowers

Now we are going to give a very simple idea but, as you can see in the picture, one that can be fit well in any corner of your home. In addition, it will hardly cost you any money because the vase in which we will place the flowers will be a recycled glass bottle of wine, water, soft drinks, etcetera.

If you want you can opt to use the bottles as they are or you can paint them and give them a personal touch; in OneHowTo we tell you how to paint glass bottles so you can see if you like the idea.


Decorate the garden with flowers

Decorating with flowers also works great outdoors, in gardens or terraces, as it provides that natural and colourful touch. A good idea is to use the glass jars that you have at home or, if you prefer, you can buy vases in any home decoration shop.

As you see in the picture, the trick is to add a little water to help the fresh flowers last and then you can combine on a single table different flowers, different vases and different sizes. This will create a colourful and varied table that will also be perfect in the case of weddings or anniversaries.


Flowers in the kitchen

The kitchen is also a perfect place for decorating with flowers to give it a more rustic and natural air. In this case, it is best to opt for mixing plants with other typical kitchen elements, for example, a jug of milk or water. This way you are joining the two elements and getting a decoration full of good taste.

Lately is also very fashionable to place plants and flowers in watering cans as it provides a very vintage touch to your kitchen that can look amazing depending, of course, on the style of your home.

If you like the look of decorative plants more than flowers, consider reading our OneHowTo article for ideas to decorate with plants.


Ideas of flowers for weddings

If you are getting married, a perfect idea for decorating your wedding is that which we show next. Instead of opting for typical table centre pieces why not break a bit with tradition and use the wine glasses as vases? It is a ground breaking idea, but as you see in the image the result is very attractive.

You will only have to select different flowers and fill the cup with water (the glass has to be big and deep to hold the weight). You can attach the flowers with some coarse string so that they are immobilized.


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