Ideas for Decorating with Plants

Ideas for Decorating with Plants

Do you want to give your home a natural look? Decorating with plants is the most sensible option out there. But don't confuse decorating with plants with simply an act of placing a plant in a corner of your home. We will propose different decorating ideas with which you can give your homely space a unique, elegant and lively touch. Open your mind and prepare to place gorgeous plants in every room of the house. They're going to take over every corner of your home, not just the balcony or the dining room. Now any space in your humble home is good to for this decorative element. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article in which we give you different ideas for decorating with plants. You'll love them!

Recycle a ladder

Do you have an old ladder lying around? You can take advantage of it and create a beautiful piece of furniture that you can place both outside (if you have patio or garden) and inside. The rungs of the ladders, for example, are a good place in which to place in corners of the room to add a new feature to the whole look of the place. This object will give a touch that's totally colourful, groovy and original. At the same time it allows you to introduce nature into your everyday life.

The best way is to fill each step with one or two plants (depending on the size) all with different colors and create an effect as you can see in the picture. Although, if you want a more minimalist result, a good option is to try plants that are all the same colour (for example a daring red) and that the ladder is also consistent in tone (grey, white, black, etc.).


Pictures with plants

A super original and beautiful idea is to make your own works of art with plants. This is about using different picture frames that can be hung on the wall (in the picture you see five but you can use the amount you want, if you only want to put up one). Within the frames, you can try hanging air plants, an invention of the architect Josh Rosen who wanted to break away from boring plants. He chose to get small plants that can be placed on the walls to achieve such a beautiful result as you can see in the image.


Hanging plants

It is also very trendy to decorate a house with plants hanging from the ceiling.

You can do a very original plant pot with a strainer. Just paint it and decorate it as you want and put the substrate and the plant inside (with another pot, so the water and the substrate won't escape through the holes of the strainer. Place the strainer handles on a string with which you can hang it from the ceiling with nails so that it is fully secure and firmly attached to the wall. These plants can hang in any area of your little house although the spaces where they are usually better are in the kitchen or in the dining area.


Plants in the bathroom

A very tropical idea to get your bathroom back in style is to introduce totally different plants in this space, but not in any old corner. It is best to do it as we show in the attached picture. In order to achieve this result, you have to try it with some ivy, a plant whose slithering vines grow and grow in such a peculiar and daring way.

You can place the plant in a closet or on a shelf that is close to the sink and put the branches of the ivy all over your bathroom. The result, as you can see, is spectacular but, yes: you must have very clean bathroom so that the contrast is the one you see in the photo. Your sink will be so unique!


A vintage touch to your home

Glass bottles are also perfect to bring a unique décor into your humble home. We propose that you recycle the bottles that you usually use (fresh milk, wine, etc.). Cleanse them well and put a bouquet of flowers inside them. If you like them fresh, you will only need to change the flowers every five days or so.

But if you want to add a vintage touch, it is best to leave them to dry and then put these decorative elements in different spaces of your home such as your boudoir or lounge. To make the effect even more prominent, it is best to make sure these improvised vases are hanging. Get a rope and hang them from, for example, the doorknob or hammer a nail into the wall and allow them to rest there.

On OneHowTo we give you other ideas so you know how to decorate with glass bottles.


At the top of the wall

Often the secret of the décor is not to create amazing objects, but simply to give them a new use or to turn them into conventional objects for decoration purposes. In this case what we propose is as simple as that. Put the containers on the top wall instead of a hanging balcony (as we usually do) or pop them on the ground.

Something as simple as this can give a very friendly result and you end up with an authentic space as you can see in the beautiful image. It's best you do the same with shade plants as to not break with the décor of the room and especially use plants that are used to being inside, otherwise they will be ruined very quickly.


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