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Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Small Pantry Organization Ideas

A pantry is a fabulous thing to include in your household. It serves as a wonderful place to hide and store all extra things in your home. A small pantry may not seem to be of much help, but if you cleverly organize it, you will see how useful it can be. Here at OneHowTo we are going to share some great small pantry organization ideas.

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Get rid of unwanted items

First of all, go to your pantry and take everything out. Have a look at each item, and toss or donate the ones you have not needed in the last one year. Also look for things that have exceeded their expiry date. Get rid of the old things, and if you would need it in the next 6 months, you can go to the store and buy one. You don’t want a can of evaporated milk sit on your shelves for a year.

Assign categories

Assign a food group or category to each shelf of your pantry. Organize them like paper goods, dry goods, baking, cooking, kids snacks, pasta, adult snacks and miscellaneous. Doing this will keep your pantry organized, helping you reach to an item quickly, instead of opening every jar in the pantry to look for something.

Add racks

If your pantry is small but tall, then you can add more racks to it to use its height for your advantage. You can get some stackable racks that will wonderfully add layers to your pantry vertically. Wire stands go great to almost double the amount of space available, and they are cheap too. You can keep something below them, and a few things above too. You can go for a double deck rack, or an under-shelf wire basket to utilize the available space at maximum.

Label the tops

If you store your loose items in transparent jars, you will have to place them on a rack so that you can see what’s inside. If they go back, you will have to look for them. Instead, label the caps of the jars, and keep them in a flat organizer or a drawer. So, the next time you look for a spice, you can read its top and take out what you want.

If stored correctly, food on glass jars can last for very long time. Check these two OneHowTo articles on how to seal glass jars to preserve food and how to make tomato sauce to preserve in a jar.

Mount door organizers

The door of your pantry should not go wasted. You can buy and mount a back-of-the-door rack to store small items such as jellies and spices. There are deluxe size racks that can cover the entire back of your pantry door. These are adjustable, inexpensive, and can be installed without damaging the door.

Install hooks to hang things

Even if you have a pantry full of things, you must have some empty space on its walls. You can install hooks on these spaces, and hang your oven mitts or pot holders with them.

Organizing your pots and pans

If you have so many pots, pans, cuttings mats, dinner trays, scrub brushes, skillet lids and others, keep only a few of your favorite and good quality ones, and throw away the rest. This will clear up a lot of space in your pantry.

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Small Pantry Organization Ideas
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Small Pantry Organization Ideas