The Best Cactus to Grow at Home

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Cactus to Grow at Home

Cactus and succulents are plants that need very little care, so they are useful as decor for you home and garden. There is an unlimited number of types and varieties of these plants including those which you may like and will go well with the rest of the decoration in your house. Also, they suit all types of weather, although they prefer it to be warmer. At OneHowTo we explain about this family of plants so that you can choose the best cactus to grow at home.

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Among the types of cactus, the succulents, are plants that need very little water and have watery and plump leaves. You can find many species of succulents, with larger leaves, smaller...

If you're looking for indoor succulents you can have in a plant pot, the best are Burro's Tail, which will look amazing in a hanging basket; the Panda Plant, which hardly needs watering or grooming; and the Snake plant, which you can place in a large plant pot on the floor to make it grow tall.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Succulents


A common type of cactus to have at home is the maguey, which is recommended for gardens and outdoors, as it can reach a considerable size. They usually have a line of colorful leaves or on flower of bright colors. This is a perfect-low maintenance option to give your garden some color.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Maguey

Flower-shaped succulents

We can also find a species of succulent that looks a lot like a flower, in fact, it may look like a rose. The difference is that it is much larger and green with thick "petals" delineated by red or pink lines.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Flower-shaped succulents

Flowering cactus

If you want to decorate your home with cactus but without giving up on the flowers you can also do so, as there are a wide variety of them to flourish and delight you with their beauty.

One of the most common to grow indoors in the Crown of Thorns, which makes a beautiful red flower that will give warmth to a room.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Flowering cactus


We all know that the cactus is characterized by thorns, so you'll be able to decorate your home with the most surly and filled spiked species.

For example, the Pincushion cactus is grown indoors and outdoors frequently, just make sure it gets enough light.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Thorns


Want a cactus with the appearance of the desert but in miniature? Well do not worry because this is a mini cactus and which can combine different small cactus in one pot, thereby achieving a more creative effect.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Nopales

With prickly pears

But you may also want nopales to bear fruit: prickly pears. In this case, you need a space in your yard or garden where you can plant these giant cactus. And watch out for the spikes when collecting the fruit!

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - With prickly pears


If you have enough space, do not hesitate and create your own desert home. As if it were Arizona, plant different varieties of cactus and you can recreate the atmosphere of the Far West.

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Large

Imagination is key

And if you do not have much space, jump off the bike and let your imagination go wild! You can combine different kinds of cactus in one pot or planter, you can put them in vases and containers bizarre or even bring a turnkey cactus. You can even make a plant pot from waste materials to plant your own cactus!

The Best Cactus to Grow at Home - Imagination is key

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The Best Cactus to Grow at Home
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The Best Cactus to Grow at Home

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