The Best Cold Weather Resistant Plants for Gardens and Pots

The Best Cold Weather Resistant Plants for Gardens and Pots

Have you ever asked yourself which plants can survive extremely low temperatures? Do you find yourself in a cold area and do not know what plants to put your garden? At OneHowTo we have put together a list of shrubs and plants for cold weather that will tolerate hard conditions. Cacti, yuccas or heartsease are some of the most common plants used in cold climates and next we describe some of the basic care they need to survive.


Many varieties of nopal or cactus handle the cold well, withstanding temperatures below zero degrees. Regarding cacti, the first thing you should know is that they survive well with little water and that an excess of it can cause the plant to wilt. When you water it do so when the ground is very dry and pour the water into the soil and never above the cactus. In the following article you can see how to care for a cactus correctly.


In extremely cold weather, yuccas are an ideal choice because they tolerate temperatures of up to -17 ° C, although you will need a large plot for planting it as they measure about 90 cm. In addition, they bloom white flowers at the start of summer . Watering must be done in moderation and it will need a lot of sunlight.


Heartsease are ideal for both cold and hot climates, but as they easily survive mild frost and dew they are a good choice to plant if living in a low temperature area. However, there is one condition which must be met: it must be watered regularly so that your soil is always moist but not waterlogged, and also try to give the plant plenty of sunlight.


This shrub, also known as heavenly bamboo, will need watering every three days in the summer and every ten in winter. Furthermore, it does not freeze, tolerates summer heat and resists radical temperature changes. Its green leaves turn orange and red in autumn and in winter it produces berries.


This is another shrub that is able to adapt to any soil and climate, in winter it produces yellow flowers that give a fruit similar to grapes. Mahonia withstands frost and in extreme cold most varieties' leaves turn purple. The aquifolium variety changes its colour from lemon green to red in winter, which gives a nice touch to any garden.


Dogwood is a shrub that can reach five or six meters in height and is resistant to low temperatures and suitable for all types of soils. It is also characterized by its strong colourful stems, depending on the variety. For example, the common dogwood is red while alba is white. Moreover, this shrub does not require much care and grows well in both full sun and full shade.


We also propose another shrub native to Japan that can be grown in a pot and is resistant to low winter temperatures. The spindle is an evergreen shrub, to be kept in optimum conditions it is preferable to place it outside in full sun.

Other plants

Finally, with regard to other plants that can be found in cold climates and which are characteristic of Canada or northern Europe, we find velvety moss that grows on the ground or on the rocks, is typical of the Arctic and has a maximum height of 10 cm. On the other hand, lichens are a variety of algae they can live with little light and water.

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