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The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun

If you intend to have plants in your yard, garden, terrace or balcony, you should first inform yourself about which are resistant to weather conditions in your geographical area as well as in direct or partial sunlight. But that's not all, remember that plants need regular attention to be as healthy as possible, so that you also need to assess the type of care they require and choose them based on your willingness to spend time on them. In this OneHowTo article we teach you what the best outdoor plants for partial sun, such as hydrangeas, ivy and lavender.

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  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Lavender
  3. Ivy
  4. Tulips
  5. Jasmines
  6. Primroses
  7. Daffodils


Despite needing a lot of attention, hydrangeas are beautiful plants that brighten your yard or garden with flowers from early spring through the end of autumn. The colors of these flowers depend largely on the type of soil pH in which they are grown: in acidic soils they will be blue, in the most neutral ones, pink, and in alkaline, white.

Regarding caring for hydrangeas, they should be watered frequently in the spring and summer, so that the soil is continuously wet. You should also wet the flower head well but not too much, to avoid parasites or fungi appearing. In this regard, you can eliminate pests with fungicide and insecticide. Finally, during flowering they should be fertilized frequently.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Hydrangeas


Another plant that is very resistant to partial sunlight and high temperatures is lavender, whose scent will become the joy of your home, particularly if the space is closed off so none of its perfume can escape. Although it adapts to all soil types, it grows best in loose, sandy, calcareous and dry substrates, and should always receive plenty of sunlight. Also it does not need to be watered regularly, once a week is enough; see how to care for Lavender here.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Lavender


You can also opt for ivy. Besides having a big personality it can handle sunny conditions, but is also ideal for indoor or shady areas. This plant can cover your outdoor walls and decorate them naturally, it reaches a maximum length of 30 meters.

On the other hand, it does not require much water: during warm seasons, 3 or 4 times a week, and once a week in cold seasons. Ivy is able to withstand as low as 5°C (41°F) and up to about 32°C (89.6°F).

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Ivy


For balconies and terraces we recommend the very attractive tulips because they can handle changes in temperatures and are ideal for both winter and summer. In addition to being an outdoor plant due to their resilience, they can also live inside the house, and these plants do not require much maintenance thanks to their high resistance.

During the rainy season they don't have to be watered, in summer they need to be watered regularly and in the spring they do not need much water. When planting tulips, it is better to do in the fall: choose a place where there is some shade and plant the bulbs with a distance of 15 cm between them, then cover them with soil and water them.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Tulips


Our personal favourite. Jasmine, with its amazing smell is an ideal choice to keep outside since they need plenty of light but can also survive in partial shade. However they don't take frosts very well and need to be watered regularly, every 7 or 15 days, especially in the summer. You can check out other tips about how to care for jasmine plants in winter here.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Jasmines


We also recommend primroses as colorful plants that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Regarding maintenance, they need water but not too much, because then their leaves tend to turn yellow. They should be kept in partial shade and don't tolerate direct sunlight well. Although they can handle low temperatures, they cannot resist much frost well.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Primroses


Last but not least, Daffodils are a bright and beautiful option for your partial sun garden or balcony. You should plant daffodil bulbs in autumn so they bloom at the beginning of spring. You can also plant them indoors and are great for borders.

The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun - Daffodils

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The Best Outdoor Plants For Partial Sun