The Best Plants For A Vertical Garden

The Best Plants For A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a risky idea, although they are magnificent either on the patio, terrace or balcony of your home. However, for every type of garden, a particular type of plant is recommended, as some may develop better in a pot and others may require a lot more room to grow. The same applies to vertical gardens, which are suitable for certain types of plants like geraniums, lady's mantle or Provence roses. At OneHowTo, we show you the best plants for a vertical garden.


Geraniums are very common in the Mediterranean region. The beauty of the geranium plant lies in the long, round leaves, and the five petals that vary in color from white and pink to blue or purple. Regarding the type of soil to plant them in, it is not an issue because geraniums adapt well to any type, as long as it is not flooded, making them one of the best plants for a vertical garden. In the following article you can see some tips on how to look after geraniums.


These flowers are very popular because of the wide range of shades to choose from. For example: pink, blue, purple and white. Regarding growing season, it's advisable to begin in summer, provided that it's cool and not too windy.

Lady's mantle

Lady's mantle, also known as alchemilla, is a smart choice for vertical gardens. Although it has no petals, it is a waterproof plant with green leaves, which are covered in bristles that give it a smooth appearance.


Another of the best plants for vertical gardens is Achillea. With its curly, hairy leaves that give off a pleasant scent, it not only dresses up your garden but also makes it smell nicer. Any visitor to your home will be delighted by its fragrance.

Gallic roses

Provence roses or Gallic roses are adored for their emphatic colors and heady fragrance. Although its bloom only lasts for three to four weeks in the early summer, planting them in your vertical garden will give your space a very happy and beautiful atmosphere.


As for cornflowers, they are ornamental plants that can decorate a horizontal or vertical garden giving it high doses of vitality and color. This is due to its wide range of colors, including its deep blue hue, a color which has made it famous around the world.


In addition to the plants mentioned, hollyhocks are an option to consider for a garden like this. They grow in Europe and Asia and are also called Alceas. They are easy to grow and their roots have been used in Tibetan medicine. The stems also have a double functionality as they are used as firewood.


Finally, for a vertical garden we suggest lavender. It has been used mainly in the production of essential oils and because of its distinctive and intoxicating scent and the soft lilac shade of its small leaves, it will fill the area outside your home not only with peace but also with incredible beauty. In the following articles you can see how to plant lavender and how to care for Lavender.

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