The Best Uses of Baking Soda in our Daily Life

The Best Uses of Baking Soda in our Daily Life

Wherever you look and whatever life hack tutorial you are searching for, baking soda is always on the list of ingredients, as this product, which can also go by the name of Sodium Bicarbonate, this product has been used for many years to serve very different purposes at home.

From cleaning product to beauty hack, this compound can be very useful for several tasks. This is why OneHowTo would like to give you a list of the best uses of baking soda in our daily life and start benefiting from its useful properties.

Baking soda as a whitening agent

One of the most popular uses of baking soda in our daily life is to whiten certain parts of the body. As you may know, there are several whitening toothpastes that incorporate baking soda as an active ingredient, but you should know that it can also be useful by itself, though you should know this remedy should only be used for a short period of time. Take a look at our article on how to white teeth with baking soda for more information.

But it's not only teeth that baking soda whitens, but it can also whiten skin, especially those areas that tend to get darker with the passage of time such as the underarms the upper lip or several body stains.

Baking soda for clothes

Another of the best uses of baking soda in our daily life is to use it to get rid of stains from clothes. The active agents in baking soda can effectively work to get rid of the most stubborn stains, especially when mixed with detergent or other natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar. At OneHowTo we show you how to use baking soda for stains.

It is even more useful when you find a shirt or t-shirt that has those annoying yellowish stains that appear on the underarm due to sweat and the use of certain deodorants. Baking soda is especially useful to get rid of these stains.

Baking soda for hair

There are several tricks and hacks to make your hair more beautiful that require baking soda as a main ingredient.

For example, you can use baking soda to make dry shampoo or you can mix three cups of white vinegar with one cup of baking soda, apply it on your hair for 5 minutes and rinse it out to get more volume and strength in your hair.

Another great hack with baking soda for hair is for those people who usually have dandruff. You can learn how to use baking soda to tackle dandruff here.

Baking soda for bad odors

Baking soda is useful to trap and get rid bad smells too as it absorbs it. Use baking soda to remove bad odors from clothes by washing your smelly clothes in a bowl with warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

If your hair smells bad due to burnt hair or not washing it properly, baking soda can also remove the smell by adding one teaspoon to your usual shampoo.

Moreover, if you have strange smells in the refrigerator you can't get rid of no matter how much you clean it, adding a small container full of baking soda will allow you to finally get rid of it.

Baking soda for drains

There are even more great uses for baking soda around the home. Another of the most useful is to clean drains with baking soda. It is especially useful when cleaning surfaces made from aluminum, making it a great aid when cleaning drains and unclogging them effectively.

To do so, you should mix one cup of boiling water with one cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. First, pour a whore pot of hot water down the drain and then pour the mix. Rinse with water after ten minutes have passed and you'll see immediate results.

Baking soda for cooking

Baking soda is a leavening agent, which means that it it creates a foaming action that makes dough rise. This is why it's commonly used to make cake or as a substitute for baking powder, as we show you in our article on how to make cupcakes without baking powder.

Baking soda for facials

Did you know that baking soda is also a powerful aid when it comes to facial treatments? Many commercial brands already use baking soda as a main ingredient in their creams and scrubs, as baking soda has high astringent properties that can help especially with greasy and acne prone skin. Make your own baking soda face scrub and you'll notice the benefits.

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