The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes

Who hasn't accumulated shoes in the hall, stairs or their bedroom? If you don't know where to put all your shoes, this article is for you. are committed to providing practical and economical tips, so this time here are some of the most creative ways to organize your shoes. Forget your problems of trying to keep all your pairs together or leaving them scattered everywhere. With these simple tips, you'll get them sorted in no time and will have them on hand for any occasion. Check out these original ideas. Keeping them tidy will be up to you after. Try it!

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Recycle furniture

The most effortless way of keeping your shoes in order and sorting your shoes is by having appropriate furniture specifically adapted to the task. If you don't want to spend so much on finding a solution, this idea will interest you.

Do you have any furniture you want to throw away? This is the perfect opportunity to reuse it. Take off the doors and cover it with nice paper. You can also restore it and give it a more personal touch. Remember that if it doesn't have shelves, you should add some so that your shoes remain neat and tidy and are not scattered inside the cabinet.

If you like DIY, you can also create your own cabinet or rack using wooden pallets. You just have to bring them together so that their slots are wide enough to support shoes.

The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes - Recycle furniture

Hangers or shoe organiser

Do you think hangers are only good for hanging clothes? Use your imagination and discover a new way of organizing your shoes. As well as being a convenient and simple way of organizing them, you gain a lot of time because it's a way of visually storing your shoes. You just need a wardrobe with enough space to hang shoes. Using hangers helps to sort them better and to do a quick search. Try it!

Another great idea is to use a real shoe organizer which you can put behind your bedroom door or even under the bed (between the mattress and base). It's a great option, especially if you only have a small space which is much more difficult to organize. If you have time and you are good at handicrafts, you can make your own organizer with pillowcases and fabric, making little pockets for placing the shoes inside. You won't regret it!

The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes - Hangers or shoe organiser

Cardboard organizer

There is nothing better than recycling and reusing materials to extend their life. This time we suggest you make your own shoe organiser using cardboard boxes which can usually spare you from any financial worries.

For example, you can reuse shoeboxes and place them in your wardrobe. Of course, this idea may make you leave everything scattered about again, as you always need to keep the shoes in order. So, divide up a large box (depending on your available space) into various compartments so that everything stays much handier. You can place it inside the wardrobe out of the way so it's not in the middle of the room.

Cardboard boxes are not the only things that can help you to achieve order. If you have a greengrocers close by, why not ask if you can have some of their wood crates? If you remodel them a little, you can give them a vintage look and create your own shoe organizer with them. It can look more decorative in your room than shelves, plus it's a nice, fun and original shoe organizer.

Another great idea for recycling cardboard and creating a shoe organizer is by using cardboard tubes. If you do not have any at home for recycling, you can find them in many DIY shops. You can make a nice unit with tubes or an original feature which also serves as a decorative element in your room. Join them together with silicone or glue. It will look great!

The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes - Cardboard organizer


If you don't have much space at home, this option is perfect for you. We suggest that you organize your shoes by using shelves. It's a cool idea because as well as keeping your footwear neat, it can act as a decorative piece on a wall of your room. Use separate wooden shelves and place them on the wall in a herringbone pattern or diagonally to give your wall a more fun and original air.

If you like working with recycled materials, you can use large water containers to form your own shelving unit and use it as a shoe organizer. Collect some 5 liter water bottles. Cut off the bottom of the bottles so that the shoes fit and you can take them out easily. Place each bottle one on top of the other to form your recycled shelving unit. For a personal touch, you can paint them or line them with paper. They'll look wonderful!

You can also use boxes or pallets to make your own wall shelving unit. Paint them in different colors for a more fun look and place them on the wall in an irregular pattern, so they look like individual frames or shelves. This is a fantastic idea for storing shoes.

The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes - Shelves

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The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes
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The Most Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes

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