Tips to clean the carpet without a professional

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Tips to clean the carpet without a professional

Carpet cleaning is a task that is often tedious and complicated to perform, especially if we do not know which products to use. From removing stains to eliminating odours, these are just some of the actions that must be performed on the carpets of all rooms. With this OneHowTo article we want to make this task easier by offering you some tricks to clean the carpet without a professional's help.

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Clean with salt

A perfect trick to clean and disinfect the carpet is to use salt: you must create a layer of salt over the entire surface of the carpet and then roll it up. It will be necessary keep it like so for a few hours and then unroll and vacuum to remove excess salt.

Remove stains

To remove stains from carpets, before they dry you must apply water with bicarbonate (or baking soda), hydrogen peroxide or simply sparkling water. Leave it to act and then dry it with a dry cloth or kitchen paper without rubbing. It is also very important to clean the stain on the carpet from the edges inward so to prevent it from getting bigger.

Detergent and vinegar

Also, this is another trick to clean carpets that you will find particularly useful for food stains (fruit, coffee, wine, etc.). It consist of mixing warm water with detergent and vinegar, apply the mixture on the carpet stain with a sponge. After a few minutes, clean the area with a cloth and leave to dry.

This is a home trick that you will find very inexpensive yet very useful for cleaning carpets and rugs at home, as vinegar is a powerful and inexpensive cleaning agent.

Remove odours

In addition to conducting a thorough cleaning of the carpet, it is also usually necessary to eliminate accumulated odours. To do this we suggest a simple trick: sprinkle the carpet with baking powder and leave on for at least 4 hours and then remove it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

The bicarbonate in the baking powder is a product with many uses in household cleaning as it is convenient yet effective in removing odours, stains, dirt, etc. You can see here how else you could use sodium bicarbonate for its cleaning and odour removing properties.

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Tips to clean the carpet without a professional
Tips to clean the carpet without a professional

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