Waste Materials: 5 Amazing DIY Projects With Recycled Tires

Waste Materials: 5 Amazing DIY Projects With Recycled Tires

Do not throw away your old tires! They are one of the materials that take the longest to break down in the environment. To avoid polluting the planet, give new life to the tyres and and upcycle them to turn them into coffee tables, swings and even into bicycle parking. In this OneHowTo article we offer some ideas on recycling old tyres for giving your home a unique, personal touch whilst also contributing to the conservation of the environment. What more could you ask for?

Low tables with tires

Recycled tires can be used to make beautiful low tables, perfect for any room in the house. For both the exterior and interior spaces, these tables made from old tyres are ideal for any space. To do so, simply acquire some fiber ropes and glue to attach the rope to the periphery of the tire. To make sure it is securely fixed, we recommend first applying glue on the area before then attaching the rope.

If you want the table to be raised off the ground, simply buy three or four base legs and attach the the bottom for an elevated table.

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Colourful tables with wheels

If you want more lively and colourful furniture, instead of covering the tyres with rope you can choose to directly paint them in bright colours. Once you have painted them, place them under a glass surface or wood that serves as the surface of the table. To make the colour more appealing, we recommend that, in addition to painting, adding a layer of varnish.

If you want the table to be high, you can place two tyres (one above the other). However, to make sure the structure is secure, you'll need to find a surface that isn't too big. Also, make sure that you don't lean on the table as it could break.

If you enjoy painting your house yourself, you can learn how to make stencil wall art.

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Planters using recycled tires

Another idea for recycled tyres is to plant plants and flowers in the centre. To do so, simply place tyres on the ground and plant the flower in the hole. We recommend that, to drain water, do not rest the tyres directly on the ground; instead rest them on an uneven surface that lets in air.

For a brighter, more cheerful look, you can paint the rims with different colours or, if you want, you can even draw pictures or write a few sentences. For best results, OneHowTo recommends applying a coat of varnish on top for a brighter, better finish.

In this OneHowTo article we give you the steps on how to decorate gardens using recycled material.

Tyres for parking bikes

If you have a bike at home, you'll love this tire recycling notion: you can park you bike so that it doesn't bother you in the home. It is especially recommended for people who have a common area or garden neighbours. This idea is a little more elaborate that those mentioned above and you need to cut the tyre in half and fix it securely to the ground with screws.

The trick to attach the bikes is to ensure that the distance between the tyres is not too wide so that the bicycle wheel can be secured firmly. In this article, we explain how to make other ways to decorate using recycled material.

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Seesaws for children

Families with children can build their own seesaw using a tire (or rather, half wheel). Following the method used above, you need to first halve the tyre. Then flip it and place a shelf or piece of wood just wide enough to rest on the wheel.

To make sure it is secured firmly, use screws. To decorate it, paint with colourful tones and add some little pictures or patterns. Your children will love it!

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Making a swing using a tyre

This is another perfect option for families with children. Recycle you tyre by using them to make some fun swings that can be hung from a tree in your garden. Use strong, sturdy strings (which you can get at a hardware store), rings and coloured paint.

The first thing to do is place the rings on the wheels, which can be done in two ways: on only one part of the tyre so that the swing will hang vertically, or alternatively, attach four rings to the tyre so that it is horizontal to the ground. The latter option is better for keeping the child more protected. Why not paint them or draw on the tyres t o give them a bright look? your children will love it!

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