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What Can You Do With Silica Gel

What Can You Do With Silica Gel

When you buy a new purse, blazer, shoes or any other thing, you receive a silica gel packet in it. Over time, you collect a multitude of these, and you are left thinking if there is any productive thing you can do with them, instead of just throwing them in the bin. Here at, we will discuss about what can you do with silica gel that came with your new purse or pair of shoes.

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Make your razor blades last longer

Moisture is the primary reason for the pre-mature dulling of your razor blades. To keep them protected and last longer, fill a jar with silica gel packs, blot dry the razor after the shave, and store it in the jar with the lid on.

Dry your cell phone

If you dropped your cell phone in a pool, drink or toilet, then you can quickly remove its battery and memory cards, and place it in a bowl full of silica gel packs. Leave overnight, and you will see any excess water is dried out surprisingly.

Keep your camera dry

Even if you have a waterproof camera, surrounding condensation may make it useless by leaving a streak of fog across the lens. You can prevent this by storing your camera with a couple of silica gel packs in the camera case. The major purpose of these packets is to suck out moisture, and they can really keep your camera dry by absorbing any water in and around it.

Keep your photographs protected

Although this is the age of digital photographs, you still must be having a few printed ones too. Moisture can actually ruin their appearance, and they may look dull and discolored after some time. Keep some silica gel packs in the box where you keep your photographs, and they will remain safe from the effects of moisture.

Protect jewelry

Moisture can seriously lead to corrosion and tarnish on jewelry, especially silver pieces. Leave a couple of silica gel packs in your jewelry box or silver chest, and keep these pieces tarnish free for long.

Keep your luggage dry and odor-free

You use your luggage when you travel only, and at other times, they remain empty, filled with air. So, when you are not using them, toss some silica gel packs in the luggage, and keep them dry and odor-free. This will not only extend your luggage’s life, but will also keep it ready to travel any time. Otherwise, you will have to dry them in sun before you pack your bags in it.

Keep seeds moisture-free

If you store seeds to be planted next year, you can keep them mold-free and dry with the help of silica gel packs. Store your seeds in an air-tight container, and add a silica gel pack to it. Only one packet is enough for a shoe-size box full of seeds.

Protect papers and documents

Moisture definitely ruins your documents, especially if you are storing important documents for a long period of time. So, when you store these documents, slip some silica gel packets with them too.

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What Can You Do With Silica Gel
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What Can You Do With Silica Gel