What Colour should I Paint My Room according to Colour Psychology

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Colour should I Paint My Room according to Colour Psychology

Choosing the adequate colour to paint each area of your house to stimulate your senses is not only something that interior designers can do, now you can choose the right tone for each room based on the psychology of colour. If you're planning to paint your home, find out how to take maximum advantage out of each colour. Today, at OneHowTo, we will answer the question: what colour should I paint my room according to colour psychology.

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Steps to follow:

For a master bedroom, it's recommendable to use colours derived from orange, such as white peach and salmon, as colour psychology teaches us that they can generate a sensation of fraternity and unity, as well as being related to teamwork. Pink tones also work because of their relaxing effects and association with romance.


For children's rooms, blue tones are usually used, as they're present in many natural elements, stimulate relaxation and reflection and help the little ones keep calm. Green is also a good choice as it evokes growth, nature and expansion, these tones are ideal for creativity.


In adolescent's rooms, blue is also a good and recommended option thanks to its soothing effects, as are purple and violet, which generate calmness and also favour creativity.


For the living room, warm colors are recommended, those that make guests feel at home, tones deriving from yellow, without being too strong con be very flattering and brighten up the space. Remember that fire colors such as reds and yellows are too stimulating, which is why you should use them in moderation, in small elements or specific corners. If a member of your family is suffering depression, it's ideal to create a small space painted in those colors to stimulate them.


In places such as the bathroom or the study, white is a good choice, as it reflects purity and cleanliness and stimulates intellect. It must be used with intelligence, as very cold atmospheres can evoke emptiness. However, combining it with colourful decorative elements can help create a cosy space where you can work.


Decorative elements such as pictures, lamps and curtains will give the final touch to each space, so you can also apply colour psychology on them, for example by painting a space in a neutral colour and adding life with small touches.

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  • If your house is dark, use bright colors to widen spaces and brighten them up.
  • The tones you choose must make you feel comfortable in the space you're in, as the final goal is to enjoy your house.
  • Nowadays there are hundreds of colour tones in shops, get inspired by them and make your house unique.

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What Colour should I Paint My Room according to Colour Psychology
What Colour should I Paint My Room according to Colour Psychology

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