What to Do If the Power Goes Out in Your House

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Do If the Power Goes Out in Your House

Power cuts don't happen on a daily basis but you should feel prepared so you can avoid problems at home in any case. Everyone has endured this temporary inconvenience at home at some point. Are you clear as to how you should deal with a possible power cut? OneHowTo offers you some tips to help you solve the question as to what to do if the power goes out in your house.

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Steps to follow:

Experts always remind people of the very important step of reviewing the state of your electrical appliances, before and after the outage. This is imperative if the power goes off at home.


When you have no light in your home, you need to walk with care to locate a torch, which should be kept in a safe and easily accessible place. Do not forget this step that will be really important if the power goes off one day.


Generally, you are usually given enough notice of the day and time you will have a power outage with no power in your home. If you are lucky enough to know, we recommend that you unplug all electrical devices as a safety measure. You also need to consider the food in your refrigerator to prevent spoilage. You could possibly ask a friend to store it for you.


If you are thinking about using candles, be careful! They are not particularly recommended if the power goes off. However, if you must use them, use them very carefully and do not put them close to fabrics or items that could cause a fire.

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During power cuts, you must also avoid performing tasks that involve risk such as handling dangerous items. Use the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest and chat to your family.


Are you thinking of using the lift after the neighbourhood has experienced a power cut? We recommend that you wait at least 10 minutes before doing so. Make sure the electrical service has been restored without any problems, before using any electrical device that may be dangerous.


Also, don't forget to ask the neighbours to see if the power cut has affected more people. If the power has only gone in your home, you'll need to check the RCD (residual current device) to make sure everything is working properly. In most cases, the best solution usually involves reconnecting the small circuit breaker. When electricity is restored in your home, don't forget to consult a professional to check that everything is correct.


So there are our recommendations so you know what to do if the power goes out. Now it's your turn to give us your opinions. Have we forgotten something important? Please comment!

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What to Do If the Power Goes Out in Your House
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What to Do If the Power Goes Out in Your House

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