When to Prune a Cherry Tree

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
When to Prune a Cherry Tree

Cherries are delicious fruits that besides having a great taste they also have healthy and nutritious qualities. However, cherries are sometimes very expensive so having a cherry tree at home is an option if you want to enjoy this fruit in a very natural way. To be able to have enough cherries to enjoy, it is important that you know how to prune your cherry tree as well as when to prune it. Doing this in the correct way will make things easier and you'll have healthy and delicious cherries to enjoy. Read this OneHowTo article and find out when to prune a cherry tree.

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Steps to follow:

Pruning a cherry tree is very important to enjoy the full flavour of your delicious cherries. For starters, we recommend pruning those especially thick branches and remove the nasty, thin, dead and diseased branches in order to keep your tree in prime condition. Although this is also very important as it prevents any nasty tree diseases.


Of course, do not forget to equip yourself with the right tools and materials. That is to say, with good pruning shears and gloves to avoid doing yourself harm while going ahead with the cherry tree pruning. Also, you'll need adequate dressing to heal the pruning wounds. You'll be able to find this at any gardening centre or plant nursery.

When to Prune a Cherry Tree - Step 2

Now, when can we prune the cherry tree? Fruit trees are usually pruned during the winter, but this is an exception with cherry trees. The best time to do it is during the month of September. At this time, there is less danger that your cherry tree will suffer from a very common disease called gomosis. This disease occurs as a result of the cut produced during pruning.


Now that you know all the information needed, you can start pruning your cherry tree. Just remember that before you start trimming a cherry tree, do not forget that you are also going to need a sealer or pruning paste that helps you protect cuts from getting infected or from causing problems.

When to Prune a Cherry Tree - Step 4

To properly prune your cherry tree cut the branches at an angle, to prevent water getting trapped or gathering on there. That could lead to bacteria build-up and nasty infections. And also remember to remove small sprouts that are starting to grow at the base of your tree. It's as easy to remove them. Do so carefully to avoid damaging the roots.

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When to Prune a Cherry Tree
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When to Prune a Cherry Tree

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