Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn

As autumn arrives, our garden and roads are strewn beautifully with yellow fallen leaves from trees. Before the winter snow spreads its whiteness over the ground, decorating the garden with colorful autumn flowers isn’t a bad choice. So, let’s find out which flowers bloom in autumn in this OneHowTo article.

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Dahlia flowers are big, beautiful and vibrant. Their cheerful appearance can fill any garden with glee. So, dahlia flowers bloom from mid-summer to autumn.

Planting and care: Dahlia tubers are planted in spring in rich, well drained soil. The plant grows up to 4 to 5 feet. They bloom the best when there is full morning sun but it needs some protection from wind. The size of dahlia flowers varies from 10 inch blooms to 2 inch pompoms.

Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn - Dahlia


Helenium is commonly known as sneeze-weed but don’t worry, it doesn’t make you sneeze. Rather it will make your neighbors sneeze in jealousy when the red, orange and yellow helenium flowers bloom in your garden during autumn.

Planting and care: Rather than growing from seeds or tubers, helenium plants propagate from a small clump. So, choose an established clump and then divide it into small clumps so that there is only two or three rosettes together. You can also plant stem cuttings of helenium. This process should be done in spring. The helenium flower blooms from June until October.

Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn - Heleniums


Fall blooming crocus will be a delightful addition in your garden. Common types of fall blooming crocus are: Saffron crocus (lilac flowers with bright orange – red stigma), Cloth of gold (orange gold flowers with deep brown stripe on each petal), C. pulchellus (pale lilac flowers with yellow throat and contrasting veins of deep purple) and Bieberstein’s crocus (vibrant bluish-violet, mauve or lavender color flowers).

Planting and care: Plant crocus bulb in well drained soil. The flowers get spoilt when it rains. So, plant them beneath trees and shrubs.

Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn - Crocus


Closely resembling crocus in appearance, the vibrant yellow flower of Sternbergia is an excellent autumn blooming flower. It is also known as winter daffodil and fall daffodil.

Planting and care: Sternbergia bulbs should be planted in a place which gets enough afternoon sun. Plant each bulb 5 inches deep in the ground and 5 inches apart from each other.

Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn - Sternbergia


The bright begonias are long time blooming flowers. They start flowering from summer till the first frost of winter appears. So, begonias can be your perfect autumn flower. Besides, they are available in many hues of orange, yellow, red, pink and white.

Planting and care: Begonia tubers can be planted in pots under porch roofs or under shade of a tree. The tubers should be planted anytime from February to April. They should be planted indoors in the beginning and then transferred outside after 8 weeks.

Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn - Begonia

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Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn
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Which Flowers Bloom in Autumn

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