Ideas to decorate with candles

Home Decorating Ideas with Candles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Home Decorating Ideas with Candles

In recent years candles more and more homes have been decorated with candles, and candles have become an essential element to give a personal, luminous and warm touch to any home. Whether traditional or more modern in their style, they are the perfect addition to any room in the house. Discover the best home decorating ideas with candles in the following article. Choose the fragrances that best suit you, the colours that you like best and the shapes that match your decorating style and fill your home with candles. Home decorating with candles is a real treat for the senses!

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  1. Types of home decoration with candles
  2. Home Decorating Ideas with Candles
  3. Spaces to be decorated with candles

Types of home decoration with candles

Decorating a room with candles is always a great option to give it warmth, light style. However, you can not use any random candle. In learning home decorating ideas with candles you must take into account the classes and types of candles that will be best for each occasion.

Currently you can find all types of candles with multiple shapes, colours and fragrances available on the market. Here we present the most common kinds of candles which you can use to decorate your home.

  • Decorating candles: these types of candles are the most modern ones you can find on the market. They have many forms and shapes, making them perfect decoration pieces. Many of them look like anything but candles, so they will be great to decorate any room.
  • Candelabra candles: as the name suggests, these are perfect for use with a candelabra. They are classic, elongated and of different sizes and look great in living rooms or desktops. Candelabra is a great home decorating with candles idea,
  • Column or pillar candles: this type of candles are bigger and thicker than the others, so they need a larger base. They are widely used for decoration lately.
  • Tea candles: this is a good resource to set the tone for a dinner on a terrace or patio. These candles are small and last only 5 to 6 hours. They are perfect to set the tone to a room as they go unnoticed. The best thing about using tea lights is that you can find them in multiple colours and fragrances, which makes them an ideal to scent the air, and a great idea to decorate a home with candles for a special occasion.
  • Floating candles: They are very similar to tea lights but are commonly used in water-filled containers, small lakes or pools where they can float. While not giving much light they are perfect to set the mood and illuminate a space. They are relaxing and produce attractive effects on water. You can find them in various shapes and sizes, and they are a good decorating with candles option for a romantic night.
Home Decorating Ideas with Candles - Types of home decoration with candles

Home Decorating Ideas with Candles

Now that you know the best types of candles to decorate your home, you should know how you can use them to their full potential. For a special dinner, a romantic evening or a big event (Christmas, New Year...) using a candle as a centrepiece always looks good, either using a candelabrum or a tray accompanied by flowers, pretty stones or even water are all good decorating ideas with candles.

You can also use column candles to decorate a table. Buy them in different sizes or colours and play with prospects, placing them from small to large or vice versa. Accompanying this beautiful centre piece with dry flowers is another easy home decorating idea with candles.

Another great idea for shelves, tables or furniture is to fill a glass vase with beautiful stones and finish decorating it at the top with tea candles. You can also fill it with water and use floating candles. This can also be done with a glass tray. Sensational!

Use your imagination and play with the smells, colours and sizes of candles. Any room will be made to look phenomenal with candle decoration!

Home Decorating Ideas with Candles - Home Decorating Ideas with Candles

Spaces to be decorated with candles

Candles are decorative elements that can be used in almost any room. The living room is the most common place where you can use multiple types of candles, either as a centrepiece or on shelves. Another recurring place to find candles is in the garden or patio; in both cases you can play with the lack of light to give a warm and luring effect.

If you want your hall, bedroom, living room, garden or any other room in your home to be cosier, candles are the perfect solution, and is also cheap and tailored to your style. Round, square, big, small, fragrant, colourful, modern, classic, rustic... Discover what candle best suits you and try to put these in vases, hanging in cups and mugs, floating on water, in lanterns... find the perfect candle and make your house lighter and warmer with our home decorating ideas with candles!

Home Decorating Ideas with Candles - Spaces to be decorated with candles

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Home Decorating Ideas with Candles