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6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders

Would you like your house to look unique? Then it's time to make some personalized decorations. Learn how to make decorative elements yourself. In this OneHowTo article we will show you 6 options to make easy DIY candle holders with things that you are sure to have at home: cans, yogurt pots, coffee mugs and so on. Go ahead and let your home shine bright with some 100% unique and original candle holders which will adorn your home.

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  1. With glasses
  2. With coffee cups
  3. Tin cans
  4. With clothespins
  5. With yoghurt glasses
  6. With twigs or sticks

With glasses

A very simple way to make DIY candle holders is to take some of your regular drinking glasses and then give them a twist with a lick of paint. You can choose the size of glass that suits you best, depending on the size of the candle you want to pop inside. Once that's sorted, you only have to choose the color you'd like and then combine the holder with your home décor.

To paint your glass, we recommended that you use a brush to apply the paint to the inside of the container. By doing so, you avoid leaving behind overlapping layers of paint or paint drops that would ruin the end result. Before placing the candle inside the glass, you have to leave the paint to dry.

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - With glasses

With coffee cups

A great idea to illuminate your kitchen with candle-light is to make easy candle holders out of coffee cups. To give your kitchen a unique and perfect focus point, you can fill the inside of a cup with coffee beans and then place a candle in the center, as shown in the attached image.

However, this is just an idea that you can customize and adapt to suit your own individual tastes and style. For example, instead of coffee, if you want to put colored pasta, then go ahead! Dried flowers would also be a lovely feature on the inside of a cup. Candles can be white or colored, perhaps to match the color of your cups. The trick is to choose items that match your home décor. Once you've mastered that, then the look will be unique.

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - With coffee cups

Tin cans

Cans are one of the most common items used to make recycled décor as they add a touch of personality and re-using them is 100% environmentally friendly. Giving new life to these objects is the basic idea behind this style and, in this case, we will reuse tins and cans (canned tomato purée, peas from a tin, canned fruit in syrup, etc.) to make candle containers that will adorn your home.

To do this, you first have to wash the tin or can to remove any remaining food or dirt. Once clean, you can paint the can or tin's exterior with the colours that you like. You can add your own personal touch: an inspiring sentence, a little picture, mix the colours or stick to a simple layer of paint. Let it dry and then put the candle inside. At OneHowTo we show you how to make hanging lanterns for your candles.

To help the light shine more, it's a good idea to make small holes on the outside of the can (as shown in the picture). You can use screws and a hammer to do so. With this trick, you can make sure that the candle's light better illuminates the room.

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - Tin cans

With clothespins

Now we have the perfect fit for outdoor environments (terraces, gardens, balconies, etc.) but it's also a nice touch in a house that is decorated in a rustic style. We're going to make a candle holder with the help of a can of tuna and different clothes pegs.

To make this original decorative piece, you start with the empty tuna can. Wash it thoroughly to remove food debris and then put the candle inside. Place the clothes pegs around the edge so that they all stand together to form a sort of fence. You can use wooden clothes pegs (as seen in the image) or, if you prefer, you could use one specific color or mix it up with some multicolored pegs!

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - With clothespins

With yoghurt glasses

A very Vintage option, perfect for decorating your home. Here we reuse glass yogurt tumblers from the supermarket to make a candle holder. As with the other pieces, you first have to rinse and clean the container before adding the candle. To make this candle container you have several options available to you:

  • Leave the tumbler as a simple, decorative item and tie it with a little piece of twine, as shown in the picture.
  • Add a sticker with some kind of decorative motif to help make the tumbler look more exciting.
  • Paint the inside of the tumbler (to avoid drops of paint getting on the table or the floor) or add some phrases, drawings, and so on.

Choose the option that best suits your home.

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - With yoghurt glasses

With twigs or sticks

You can also give your home a a natural and rustic touch with a wood-inspired candle holder. This is a very simple method. All you need is a glass container (bought or recycled) and some wooden twigs or sticks.

Carefully arrange the twigs and sticks in the container. You can use glue to make sure they stay in place. You can arrange the twigs as you wish: unevenly (as seen in the picture) or, if you prefer, you can stick them all together, so that the light comes out only from the top.

If you do not have any twigs or logs, you can also create this effect with natural cinnamon sticks. They will also perfume your home! OneHowTo has plenty of ideas to help you decorate your home with glass bottles.

6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders - With twigs or sticks

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6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders