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The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 3, 2019
The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books

If you are a book lover, you must have loads of old books that you just can’t get rid of. Some people donate or resell these books, but some of them you just can’t let go off, mostly due to sentimental reasons. You must have bought them a long time ago, read them a couple of times, and now they are just lying on your bookshelf. If your bookshelf has become tight and you are feeling creative, why not re-purpose some of your old books into something that you can use to decorate your house with recycled material. You can find creative uses for old old books and use them to add a unique character to your house. Read this oneHOWTO article to find some great ideas so you know how to decorate using old books.

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  1. Make a table
  2. Make a clock
  3. Make a picture frame with old books
  4. Make wallpaper for a wall
  5. Make a lamp shade
  6. Put them on display
  7. Decorative book stacking

Make a table

The number of old books you would require to make this DIY table will depend on how big you want your table to be. This can be a unique and beautiful desk for your study room, library or living area. The desk will speak on its own about your love for books. If you have got so many old books at your home, just stack them up in the shape that you want, stick them toghether carefully with hot glue, and top with glass to make things level, securing it with silicone.

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The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Make a table

Make a clock

Making an attractive timepiece can be a great way to upcycle old books. You have to choose an old book with a beautiful cover and design. All you need to make this clock is the book, a quartz movement clock kit, a drill and colors of your choice.

Remove pages from the book, drill a hole in the area where you want to make place the clock hands, assemble the clock parts, fix the clock kit, place the hands and your clock is ready. It can be a creative, unique and cheap alternative to an expensive clock bought from a store.

The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Make a clock
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Make a picture frame with old books

You can make an eye-catching photo frame with an old book, insert your favorite photograph in it and place it on a side table to catch everyone’s attention. For this, find an old book with an attractive and sturdy cover. Cut out a shape from the front cover which is enough to display the picture that you want to frame. Insert your photograph into the opening, and glue it in place.

The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Make a picture frame with old books
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Make wallpaper for a wall

If you’ve got an empty wall in your house, you can embellish it with a unique themed wallpaper by using old papers from an old book. But before you start your project, make sure that you are not doing it in a damp prone area, such as kitchen or bathroom. Tear out pages from an old book, cover back side of each page with blue one by one, and start pasting them on the wall. It would look better if you let the pages overlap each other slightly. You may also change directions of the pages to add a visual appeal to the overall spectacle. Cut off the excess paper as you reach the corners and edges of the wall.

The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Make wallpaper for a wall
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Make a lamp shade

There are as many ways of making a lampshade with waste material as you can imagine. Even with newspaper, there are many ways you can create your very own lampshade. Here's one way:

Find a big old book with hard cover. Cut a square size from its spine and fix a bulb holder into it. Using a drill, make two holes on the upper and bottom corners of the book. Mount a string through the holes, install a bulb in the holder, and open the pages. Hang it on your favorite place and switch on the light. The lamp shade you have made is an attractive and unique thing to mount in your study room or by your bed side.

Put them on display

Instead of investing in expensive show pieces, you can make an impressive display of your collection by keeping them in your display racks. Couple them with flowers, vases and crockery, and they will become the perfect display of your tastes and preferences.

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The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Put them on display

Decorative book stacking

Another great idea to decorate with old books and give them a creative use is to stack them either on a showcase or on the floor to give guests the bookworm sensation in its fullness.

It's enough to just stack them up in a pile that's not completely straight. If you have kids or pets, it may be better to actually glue them together so they don't fall. You can even give them a coat of varnish so it's easier for you to clean and it doesn't gather as much dirt. This is a pretty fashionable trend at the moment, as well as being one of the most easy to set up!

The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books - Decorative book stacking

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Image: designdazzle.com,scoutmob
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Image: flavorwire.files.wordpress.com
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The best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Books